10 Ways to Fall in Love in Terni

10 Ways to Fall in Love in Terni

Ten Ways to Fall in Love in Terni, in the Umbria of Saint Valentine

In the green heart of Italy, time passes to the rhythm of the seasons and summons ancient traditions, fitting for the unique scenery.

It’s not surprising that we are talking about the city of Terni and its surroundings, the lands of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.

The warmth and hospitality of the places in this list can only inspire love.

Our ranking of the 10 most beautiful places for falling in Love in Terni


1) Kiss at the Balcony of Lovers under the Marmore Waterfall

Terni waterfalls

Where the river Velino plunges into the river Nera, the spectacle is divine: the crash of the rushing water, the play of light and color, the fresh spray and breeze. In this scenery, you will discover the favorite place of couples, the Balcony of Lovers. It was here that, according to legend, Saint Valentine summoned a spray of water that looked like a bridal veil, to symbolize the purity of the beautiful Nerina.


2) Pamper Yourselves at the Abbey of Saint Peter in Valle

This 8th century abbey is now a historical residence and a Hotel Charme that brings together the emotion of the landscape and the charm of an almost magical silence. The Abbey of Saint Peter in Valle is the ideal location to rejuvenate the body and spirit: within the structure the specialized staff will take care of you with their regenerating wellness treatments.

3) Embrace in the Park of the Villa De Santis Hotel

Terni villa

A short distance from the Marmore Falls is the Villa De Santis, a unique and charming residence which is perfect for organizing a magic wedding or to experience love in a poetic scenery. The splendid hotel is a paradise for couples who wish to relax away from the chaotic rhythm of daily life.


4) Walk Hand-in-Hand in the Medieval Village of Arrone

Terni Arrone

An ideal location for an authentic week of love, Arrone is one of the most beautiful hamlet for you to discover in Italy. The recommended starting point is the  Lodge on the Nera: a stone house constructed in the eighteen-hundreds that overlooks the Nera valley and is surrounded by the the Nera River Park and has a terrace with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape


5) Get Married in the Fabled Castle of Aquasparta

Terni castle

Live the modern fairytale in the village of Casigliano ad Acquasparta. The castle is a fascinating location that combines sophistication with elegance, nature, and history. The Suite Primae Noctis will secure your love, as the Italian expression, “with the twelve turnings of an old lock.” Guests will enjoy the authenticity of the historical 16th century village through which the hotel spreads.


6) Discover the Legend of San Valentino, Bishop and Patron of the City of Terni, Protector of Lovers

Terni love

“It was in 197 AD that he was elected Bishop Valentino, whose name means valorem tenens, ‘that which keeps its value.’ Legend has it that his life intersected with that of a Legionary named Sabino who had been affected by a girl of Terni, whose name was Serapia, meaning ‘bright.” Blinded by the feelings that grew in him, Sabino decided to promise her his eternal love, but he was opposed by her family. Torn apart by their desires, they came to Bishop Valentino for aid. Like a real father to the people of Terni, he helped the two young people to hold steadfast their love.”


7) Falling in love in Orvieto


Cupid wanders in Orvieto. At the monumental Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, a masterpiece of the Italian Gothic style, the play of light and shadow between the rich exterior facade and the naves inside is capable of striking a light in the eyes of its patrons, as of two lovers suddenly struck by Cupid’s arrow.


8) Be Seduced by the Umbrian Cuisine

Terni chocolate

There is a part of the Umbrian region that communicates with its visitors in a language universal to all lovers and gourmands: the kitchen. From chocolate to wine to the famous truffle, Umbria is a land of excellence. Genuine products that talented chefs combine in delicious plates that conquer your heart and palate. If then you have Lincei Catering or Bon Ton to create the menu, you can be  certain that your wedding banquet or romantic dinner will be fully dedicated to your love.


9) Shake with Passion in Narni Underground: Only for the strong of heart

Narni underground

Love should be stimulated by strong emotions. It’s not real fear that one feels in Narni Underground, but if you can descend into the dark atmosphere of prisons and court of the Inquisition, we can guarantee that that day will make the link between you indestructible. Be led down a path steeped in fascination and charm among the ancient torture chambers.


10) Relax at the Villa Centurini

Terni villa

Alessandro Centurini, Genoese and seaman, built his magnificent villa in 1904. Mindful of his origins, he included in the design porthole transom windows, like those of a ship, which open with a unique system of ropes-and-pulleys, that still exists. The house rests in a 15,000 square meter park, an idyllic green. It is an oasis of peace and tranquility, a refined setting in which to experience love.


And if our choices aren’t still good enough … here are two extra possibilities! 

11) Return to Childhood at La Tenuta del Gallo

The beauty of love is that is it turns adults into children again and makes them all seem a bit crazy.

Play, experiment, create… The beautiful hotel La Tenuta del Gallo offers to its guests the highest quality services and the possibility of recreational activities together.

Would you prefer a mountain bike tour or a cooking course?

12) Drink in the Colors and Perfumes of Mulino Eroli

Pure and delicate as an emotion just blossomed, flowers always speak of love. At the mill of the Marquis Eroli from March to November, you may attend a spectacle without equal: Camellias, rhododendrons, peonies, hydrangeas, and splendid roses will intoxicate you with color and perfume. Even if you haven’t a green thumb, who knows? Maybe you will find inspiration for your bouquet!