Love me in Liguria. To be married in an enchanted place: La Cervara

Love me in Liguria. To be married in an enchanted place: La Cervara

We look at each other in silence with our eyes wet, sparkling, as we approach, hand in hand, the aperitif at the Terrace of Cervara complex. We share a glance, reassuring each other that everything is exactly like we always dreamed of. The ceremony was planned in spring, because our magical walk along the “Via dell’Amore” was in spring too, with the smell of Mediterranean scrub’s flowers cuddling our senses and the light wind with a sea scent caressing our skin. That day, we promised each other that one day two rings would have bind us forever, and that day was finally arrived, with the same smell of flowers and the same light wind to accompany us.

From the Terrace, the marvelous view on the sea leaves the hosts speachless and us too, even if we came back many times to decide the perfect location for our day. Today even the sea can appear prettier, as if it had gained a new, warmer light at sunset,  as if it murmured in a sweeter way against the cliff, to celebrate our love with us.

We always felt like people with a modern mind, fresh and young, but marriage has an ancient, eternal meaning to us. For this reason, the Cervara conquered our hearts, with its Medieval and sixteenth-century history of silent and majestic monastery, whose walls offered refuge to important personalities as Petrarca and Santa Caterina da Siena in the past centuries. Walking by its paths paved with cobblestones through the Cloister and its charming gardens, surrounded by luxuriant fruit trees, suggestive marittime pines and romantic rose gardens that salute the arrival of warm season, made us feel part of a nature and a setting fixed in time, just like we want our union to be. In this place, “forever” assumes the real and solemn meaning that today seems lost elsewhere.

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We taste the dinner in the Giardino delle Gardenie, a magnificent flowered colonnade, among the clinking of the glasses and our families and friends’ laughs, while the night hugs the bay and turns on its distant lights gracefully, making the sea waves twinkle and transforming it into a soft precious cover. The Cervara becomes even more magical with its birght lanterns and looks like it is calling us to retire to the suite we booked in the Torre Saracena, in which Francis I was imprisoned and that now will be witness of our smiles and caresses instead.

Location for wedding in Liguria - La CervaraThe morning after, we open our eyes lazily, and it looks incredible to us that the strident sound of our phones’ alarms doesn’t call us, but that the only sounds we hear are the pulse of our close hearts, our light breaths and the sea in the background, which seems to say good morning to us. The breakfast in our room, still in our nightgowns, seated on the warm bed, gives a new hint to the hurried concept we normally have of waking up, always compelled to run to our jobs, distracted and sucked in the daily chaos. Today, instead, as if we were in a bubble, we don’t even think of checking the time, we smile at each other in silence, we sip our coffee from the amazing porcelain set, we hand each other the cakes and the fruit and we admire the refined room’s furniture.

The sun, already hot, invites us to open the window and stay some moments hugging in those perfumes dear to us, appreciating the spledid bay that almost sparkles in the vibrant but soft colors of spring, already anticipating the possibilities that open to us in that special day, among ancient towns and breath-taking landscapes, ready to begin our new life together.