5 love movies you need to see before your wedding (but not only!)

5 love movies you need to see before your wedding (but not only!)

Some women (but also men, yes yes!), dream their marriage since they are little girls. Thousands of times they have imagined it in their mind, all the details come out clearly in fantasies, just as if we were watching a movie. The white dress that touches rhythmically the ankles during the walk to the altar, the flowers that adorn the hair and the wrists of the bridesmaids, the ceremony immersed in the thick of an enchanted forest or in an elegant ancient church, the tears of mom and dad sinking their face in soft handkerchiefs, the pictures with the best friends in the most beautiful memory, the kiss of true love. Sometimes the only thing not yet clear is … the groom!

Romantic film

Others, however, are not least interested in this: getting married does not have this value of magic dream of love, if it happens it will be thought and organized at that time.

Whether you belong to the first category, the second, to any of the two, or in the middle, don’t worry: here’s our top five of the most involving and moving love movies that you can’t miss!

So, while waiting for your big day (but not only), here is a wave of timeless feelings that we hope will make you day dreaming, smile and cry and emotionally prepare you for your “Yes!”. To enjoy together with friends, boyfriend, or cuddling your cat. We recommend pop-corn and a good pair of handkerchiefs at hand!


Romantic film

1 Pride and prejudice / Sense and Sensibility

Pride & Prejudice, romantic filmWe coudn’t exclude one of these from our top five, so it’s your choice (but if you’re very good, watch them both!).

Both are inspired by the two Novels by the wonderful Jane Austen, and those who read them will agree  that these movies are the exact transposition of the atmosphere and the setting that you breathe in those pages. It’s a love to be read in gestures and looks, in the cool walks in the dawn of the countryside or under the warm English

 rains that make everything more magical. Our advice? Watch it with your loved one… maybe he will turn into a wonderful Mr. Darcy!


2. Love Actually

Love actually filmA rather unusual romantic comedy that deals with a series of parallel love stories that briefly cross over and then divide and continue on their way all over the world. Really fun and with a stallar cast, to watch at Christmas just before your wonderful winter wedding, under a warm blanket (maybe in front of the fireplace!), hugged to the future Mr. Prime Minister. And if summer time is definetely not the right time to cuddle under heavy blankets, just keep this one for later and skip to the following movie!


3. 50 First dates

50-first-dates, love films


Cool and funny, this is one of those movies that will make you laught and cry all at once! Adam Sandler doesn’t disapoint even this time, and the same can be said about Drew Barrymore, playing the crazy Lucy. The  inevitable question is then… if you were like Lucy, would you too fall in love with your fiancè over and over again?


4. Cold Mountain

Dramatic masterpiece, rich in pathos and hope, teaches us that true love, even if on the other side of the world, will always be found (highly recommended for long distance relationship). We suggest not to look too much at Jude Law before the marriage, it could spark strange thoughts in the bride! A pack of extra handkerchiefs is strongly recommended.


5. Tristan & Isolde

Tristan & Isolde film, romantic filmA beautiful historical masterpiece could not be missed in our top five. The perfect alternative to the classic Romeo and Juliet love story?

Tristano and Isotta! There is no Leonardo di Caprio, but the beautiful costumes and the breathtaking set will make you dream like a princess.