5 ways to get married in Tuscany

5 ways to get married in Tuscany

Choose to get merried in Tuscany if you are a lover of art an history… or beautiful landscapes, untouched nature, and the charm of an ancient village perched on a hilltop.

There are at least five methods for a weddings in Tuscany: for couples that are very romantic, for lovers of culture, for those that desire a metropolitan or country-chic setting, of for those that want to break the mold.

A Fairytale Wedding

get married in TuscanyWant to feel like a princess from some ancient romance? In Tuscany, it’s possible. You can host your wedding reception in a castle, decorated in a refined and sensual style, and even arrive in a carriage. For a unique wedding favor, rely on local craftsmanship for small works of embroidery, an ancient craft that is still practiced today.

Marriage in the mist of legend and history

get merried in TuscanyHolding a wedding in Tuscany is to choose to be a part of the millennia of tradition and culture that this region has behind it. After a ceremony in a monastery or ancient abbey, the ideal location to experience an atmosphere drenched in legend and magic is an historic villa. Jesters and minstrels will help to create the most memorable reception, and the local tradition of artisanship will complete the bride’s look with precious golden jewelry and stones that compliment the dress.

Style of Tuscany

get married in tuscanyFor lovers of urban life, fashion, and minimalist style, Tuscany offers plenty of opportunities. Art galleries, open spaces, and lofts are available to to host the ideal city reception. Florence is one of the best places in the world to find high-fashion wedding dress. There are many large fashion houses and shoe-makers in the shopping district where you can find things of all different styles made right here in Italy.

Green Trend

If you instead dream of a wedding in an antique villa or working farm in the countryside, if you imagine a “green” wedding full of contact with nature, Tuscany has the right location for you. The countryside is full of gorgeous landscapes, infinite expanses of grain and sunflowers, and fortress villages perched on hilltops. Include in your country-chic reception a small taste of local tradition with bomboniere – small pouches or boxes filled with sweets – handmade by regional artisans from ceramic.

Unconventional Wedding

Are you an unconventional couple looking for an exciting and unusual wedding? In Tuscany, you can. For lovers of the mountains, the Apennine have ideal locations for a high-altitude wedding. For lovers of the sea, you can hold your wedding on the seashore, or why not underwater with flippers and diving suites? How daring are you?