7 ways to make a marriage proposal like a pro

7 ways to make a marriage proposal like a pro

The marriage proposal is one of the most waited and dreamt moments in a girl’s life. Yes, in your girl’s life too. Even if she says she doesn’t care, that you don’t have to worry for something so useless, it’s a trap: she has grown up watching romantic movies and american tv shows. How couldn’t she care?

And you have no ideas. You just want to see her happy, to hear her say “yes” with tears in her eyes, but you don’t know how to do it. But don’t worry: we’re here to help you! We interviewed 7 couples just like you, who found some very original ways to ask for the hand, here in Veneto, so that you can find some ideas. Ready?


The first couple we talked to are Michael and Sophie, 28 and 26 years, from London. Michael spent 3 months in Venice for his Erasmus, and he fell in love with the city. So he decided to take his soulmate to visit it. After a dinner in a luxurious restaurant near Rialto, they went in gondola where a guitarist was waiting for them, and he starts to play a serenade for her. Then, suddenly, passing under a bridge in a minor canal, a photographer showed up and unrolled a poster from above: “Will you marry me?”

Sophie tells us about this moment with tears in her eyes, telling us that Michael definitely surprised her this time, that she could never expect such a unforgettable and romantic proposal.

Venice – San Marco Square

If you or your sweet half suffer seasickness, or gondolas just aren’t for you, it’s possible to organize a perfect marriage proposal “feet on the ground” at Caffè Florian! Pierre and Monique, from Paris, know it well! He took her there, in the most ancient caffè of Italy, to ask for her hand. After a snack in the Liberty Hall, her best friend calls her urgently, so she goes out to answer the phone, but her friend has already hung up. And she finds herself out of the bar, alone, in front of a string quartet playing for her. But the greatest surprise, when she turns around, is finding Pierre on his knees: ” Veux-tu m’épouser, Monique?”. She hugs him and between tears manages to say only “yes”, while the applauses from the staff, the other customers, and those who were lucky enough to attend, reach them.

Monique e Pierre - marriage proposal in piazza San Marco - Love me in Veneto

Proposal… to the rhythm of music!

If you are a creative guy, who likes to get in the game, this idea will suit you just fine. Mark and Lorenzo, a couple who isn’t afraid of laughing together and try new things, will tell us about it. Lorenzo called a group of 10 friends, and learned a choreography on the notes of Bruno Mars’ “Marry you”, and danced it in Prato Della Valle, in Padua, one of the biggest squares in Europe. Passers-by were quite surprised, of course, but the most surprised was surely Mark, when, at the end of this strange flash mob, he kneeled and asked for her hand giving her a diamond ring.

“How could I ever refuse?” he tells us, hugging his lover. “He’s always been quite bad at dancing. If he invented a choreography, and danced it in front of everyone, just for me, he must be the one!”

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Francesca and Davide are two adventurers who are afraid of nothing, and they travel a lot like true globetrotters. That’s why he decided to do his marriage proposal in a very special way: paragilding! They jumped from Montegrappa, between prealps in Veneto, and right there, he showed her a ring and asked for her hand. True daredevils! The answer, she says, was dictated by true love and not by the thrill caused by the void.


Pamela and Niall - marriage proposal on a yacht on Lake Garda - Love me in Veneto

If you love luxury, and you’re not a cheap one, maybe we have the proposal for you! Take the idea from Niall and Pamela, a young irish couple who loves the finer things in life. Thomas decided to take her in a romantic escape for three days, on Garda’s Lake. The second day’s night he hired a yatch to have dinner on the lake, at the sunset light, with water’s sound and a pianist playing for them. When the cake moment came, he shows here a huge diamond ring and asks her to become his wife! Obviously Pamela said yes, and told us she liked it so much she wants to come back to visit the rest of Veneto during her honeymoon!

First act: will you marry me?

Valentino and Gloria, a couple who loves culture, cinema and, most of all, theatre, think that life is just like a romantic comedy where, obviously, marriage is only the first act! That’s why Valentino had a very special idea: he organized his proposal right in the Olimpic Theatre in Vicenza, closing it from the public for a night. At some time, he leaves Gloria alone, and the lights turn off, leaving her in the dark. Right after, the stage lights focus in one point, where there’s Valentino, on his knees, with a ring. Surely a very suggestive idea!

Enchanted castle

Giulia and Filippo: marriage proposal in a medieval castle in Veneto

Giulia always felt like a true princess, and Filippo always treated her like one. That’s why, for his wedding proposal, he chose a very special place: Zumelle Castle, near Belluno, where it’s possible to stay overnight. So, during the dinner in the castle’s restaurant, he made her find a ring in a champagne glass, and she said yes between applauses from other customers and waiters.

So, if you read until here, you surely understood that Veneto is a very surprising destination, where it’s only a problem of choosing. You will manage to make your lover live magic and unforgettable experiences, that he or she will remember for the rest of her life.

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