A lovely app: WedBox

A lovely app: WedBox

Slowly I open my eyes, my head is pulsing in sync with the clock. I see a different a sight than usual: a large white dresser, a full-length mirror near the door. Then my gaze falls on my hands and there, in plain sight, I notice a golden wedding ring and suddenly everything is clear to me. While a smile arises on my face, memories become more and more defined: the white dress, my husband waiting down the aisle, the warmth of friends and relatives. I get my cellphone and that gives me another smile: shortly before the wedding day I downloaded WedBox thanks to a friend’s advice.


Your guests’ photos, your dearest memories

I open WedBox and a wave of colorful pictures strikes me: here’s my cousin, mate of a thousand adventures, while she makes her speech between a smile and a tear; my childhood friends, all posing while taking a selfie in the moonlight; the first kiss between my husband and me, captured by my brother-in-law with his typical originality.

While emotions overlap each other, I open a video file: the first dance as husband and wife, on the notes of that song that accompanied our first summer together. The video is about to end when it changes frame and moves on my parents who, in a hidden corner, are dancing on the same melody, looking at each other like the first time.

A tear is streaming down my face when I notice a bouquet of flowers popping out the door, followed by my husband who looks at me, worried. He is about to say something when I give him the cellphone and, silently, we watch that precious video together. Then we scroll all the shoots stolen by our dearest friends, smiling as we were still there, down the aisle, ready to say “Yes, I do” to each other.


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