Abano Ritz: a red-carpet-worth September

Abano Ritz: a red-carpet-worth September

“I have moved to this attic since months […]. I did it because the world was falling apart and I wanted to save it and save myself. I felt like Noah: I wanted to raise a couple of each animal species in the chicken coop that I had installed on the terrace. However, I could not save the couple that interests me most: mine “.

The protagonists of "Women on the Edge of a Nerve Crisis"

I wonder if Pepa, the protagonist of “Women on the Edge of a Nerve Crisis” found the remedy to her heart trouble before if she had chosen to stay at the Abano Ritz, to devote herself to herself before facing the frenzy of the world.

Taking the opportunity just for doing it, with the unique purpose of feeling beautiful and ready to face the new season, is the best choice. Among looks of admiration of those who know how to transmit light and joy, a red carpet will no longer scare. September is notoriously the month of great glamorous events.

Brad Pitt at the 76th Mostra del Cinema in Venice

The jet-set comes to Venice for the Mostra del Cinema and makes people dream. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet VIPs and dream to feel realized; the meeting with your favorite director just around the corner, imagine being able to shake hands with Pedro Almodovar, who happens to be awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement? Now more than ever, during the 76th Mostra del Cinema Edition, there will be plenty of stars, in true Hollywood style. Personalities such as Roger Waters, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Joaquin Phoenix are expected, and then Scarlett Johansson, for a total of ten Academy Awards.

Immagine participating in cocktails, inaugurations and social events of the Venice Biennale or of the great exhibitions of Padua, such as the tribute: “Towards the centenary. Federico Fellini“, which thus anticipates the celebrations for the hundred years since the birth of the great Italian director, in 2020. And in all this: feeling divine.

At Abano Ritz just like Cleopatra

Secrets of beauty are all here. A week of relaxation and well-being at the end of the summer, when we feel that everything is about to start again: it is our true change of season. A dive in the two semi-Olympic pools, indoor and outdoor, thermal and communicating, the hydromassage area and the cervical waterfall open from 8 to 23.

The Cleopatra massage at Abano Ritz

The ritual is served: a soft bathrobe, slippers, and towel to cover in a path of wellness, including emotional showers and massages, such as the special one dedicated to the most famous Egyptian queen in history, the beautiful Cleopatra. It is impossible not to be reborn with so many packages designed by the Abano Ritz.

Green Passion Mania

You almost want to dress up with the freedom of a majestic albatross, the masterstroke of the true champions, the love for nature that finds the sporting soul in the unique golf area of Abano, embraced by the Euganean Hills, in the heart of Veneto. Due to their peculiar shape, their prominence, and their pleasantness, they offer charming landscapes.

Man playing golf at Abano Ritz

For all those who cannot give up the pleasure of the green, the Abano Ritz offers a special program that combines the benefits of an exclusive wellness center and beauty club with the enjoyment of an outdoor sport.

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