AbanoRitz: a thermal break from everyday life

AbanoRitz: a thermal break from everyday life

I recline my head and close the eyes. Finally this long office day has come to an ednd. I sigh and take off my glasses. Autumn, the hour’s change and the cold weather are a tiring combination. Sitting in the car, blocked by traffic, I surrender to wait and start losing myself in my thoughts. My mind is full of duties, appointments, commitments … I shake my head to chase away all the stress. I think back to the summer vacation I spent with my husband and I smile. We really enjoyed our stay, far from the stressful, immersed in wellness. Just what I need right now! While it keeps on raining, I get an idea. I get home and kiss my husband: I have a proposal to make him.

Weekend at the AbanoRitz to charge our batteries

Honey, what about spending a few days at the AbanoRitz?”

Alberto doesn’t think twice about it and welcomes my idea with enthusiasm. His return after the holidays was demanding too. So, as the city works, we decide to leave for a few days of wellness and tranquility, away from the daily chaos. We pack our bags in a hurry, we only care about our swimsuits and we immediately set off on our journey. As we move away from the city center, I see how the landscape changes from the car window. Autumn reigns over the Euganean Hills around us. The trees undress and drop their golden mantles to the ground, which turns into a soft blanket. Nature rests and falls asleep!

I look at the hills and feel immersed in an enchanted kingdom, which gives me calm and peace. Here, in this place that our planet seems to have appointed for rest, rises the AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel.

Upon our arrival, the AbanoRitz staff makes us feel immediately at home. Their reception has always been the best. Alberto and I decide to begin with the hydro-massages in the thermal pools. I can immediately feel the benefits of these waters and the muscle tensions that vanish. Once immersed in this wellness paradise, we quickly forget about work meetings and stress.

The AbanoRitz takes care of me in the seasonal change

Given the autumn season and the imminent cold winter, I decide to take advantage of the wide range of treatments and preventive cares offered by the AbanoRitz. I opt for therapeutic mud and some draining leg massages. The lifestyle I am forced to live in the city does not help my body and every night I feel my legs become heavier. Thanks to this week end, I immediately feel better.

AbanoRitz: wellness at 360 degrees

After a few hours spent in the wellness center, the hotel services allow us to maintain the conquered relax. In the late afternoon, we take part in the Tea Time in the hotel lobby. During this pleasant moment, my husband and I take some time to chat. Sometimes, we forget to take some time for just the two of us, but it doesn’t take much!

Finally, our day could not end in a better way: the AbanoRitz offers a jazz concert tonight. It is the kind of music that made me fall in love with Alberto ten years ago. It must be a sign of fate! I wish these days would never come to an end. But the AbanoRits has became as a second home for us: stay after stay, we keep on falling in love with it. Therefore, I’m already thinking about spending here a week during the Christmas holiday…

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