AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel: wellness all year long

AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel: wellness all year long

In the heart of Abano Terme, the Italian capital of spas the AbanoRitz Termae & Wellness Hotel is the ideal place to enjoy a refreshing break and to recharge yourselves. This historic structure lays at the feet of Euganean Hills. You just have to enter its elegant hall to get carried away with wellbeing: a parallel reality, where relaxation and personal care come first.

A stay at the AbanoRitz is a journey to the rediscovery of your body and soul. Step by step, supported by the staff’s competence, you will be guided through the three vital elements: fire, water, and earth.


Water, earth, and fire: the balance of the elements at the Abano Ritz

The ancients said, that the elements are the base of the nature and the order of the Universe. They are part of everything and constantly influence every single living being. The AbanoRitz and its offer of treatments and thermal therapies embrace this concept.

AbanoRitz swimming pool

You will explore the fire in the heat of thermal waters, sauna, Turkish bath and various types of hydromassage, both in the indoor and outdoor pools. Fire is also the warmth of hospitality, which has welcomed the AbanoRitz guests for over fifty years: the passion and courtesy of the staff will make you feel at home. This familiar atmosphere makes every stay here special and unique, far from the logic of consumerism and short breaks.

Obviously, you will find water everywhere. The healing properties of this primitive, feminine and vital element are widely used, both inside and outside the AbanoRitz: from the two semi-Olympic thermal pools to the emotional showers and cervical waterfalls.

mud therapy AbanoRitz

Finally, the earth has some characteristics that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. The soil is mainly made up of clay, that the thermal water transforms into the mud. This mature mud is rich in microalgae and a European patent guarantees its therapeutic action and uniqueness.

You can experience the benefits of this unique mud thanks to the mud-balneotherapy, which is a natural treatment, that has powerful remineralizing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and muscle relaxant properties.


Luxury and creativity for a radical chic lifestyle

The AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel is more than just a spa location for relaxing. It looks more like a residence and a place of care, perfect for those who are seeking an affordable and radical chic luxury. It offers a true lifestyle experience, and you should dedicate the right time to discover and appreciate it.

During your stay here, you will be able to enjoy the lush and blossom-scented park, the swimming pools with their classically exposed vaults, the noble living room on the ground floor and some smaller, themed rooms. A piece of advice? Don’t make up your you mind thinking about size, choose your room according to your personality. Rooms with a classic taste, design suites, big and chic rooms or innovative and curious mini-room adapt the most creative minds.

AbanoRitz classic room

The seasons of the AbanoRitz

Throughout the year, the AbanoRitz offers packages and offers for singles, couples, and families. All of them are designed to satisfy the needs of the guests at best and are based on the time of the year.

Discover the nearby Verona and Venice on Valentine’s Day and at Carnival: both cities suit love and lovers as no one else. Devote yourself to preventive health with spa treatments during spring and in autumn. These times of change are ideal to immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of Euganean Hills. Or to play some outdoor sports like hiking, or golf.

nature nearby AbanoRitz hotel

The year’s hottest months are the perfect opportunity to take a different holiday, to detox and to give yourself the best tanning in the world: the thermal one. When the working rhythm plays again and the cold knocks at the door, the AbanoRitz becomes the perfect place to rest and to try the egotherapy. It is essential for recharging with positive energy, in order to face the new beginning.

But it’s not over yet: the journey to discover the AbanoRitz begins now. Do not miss the next articles, to explore with us all the possibilities offered by this oasis of well-being!


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