San Clemente Palace Kempinski’s “Al Bacaro”: the authentic Venetian aperitif is tinged with jazz

San Clemente Palace Kempinski’s “Al Bacaro”: the authentic Venetian aperitif is tinged with jazz

The sky above San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice is a kaleidoscope of pastel colors tonight. Many nuances of pink scatter at sunset as they take over the blue sky, and their reflections in the lagoon lighten the island and, in the background, the bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica.

It’s 6:30 pm on a Friday afternoon in September. It is the perfect time for an aperitif at the Al Bacaro: many guests are already admiring this glorious view, far from the crowds of St. Mark’s Square and yet so close to it.

Among them, a couple of young lovers catches my attention: they must be tourists, considering the amount of photos they keep taking. And I’d dare to say they’re French, because of that unmistakable accent. They’re walking hand in hand when, suddenly, the melody of a saxophone bounces around them. Jazz music is their common passion.

The night they first met they were listening to the lopsided notes of a street saxophonist near Notre-Dame. Now, they’re following the music with half-opened eyes and their hands intertwined, looking for its source.

Al Bacaro

Two musicians in their fifties are playing the timeless Take Five at the Al Bacaro. The sounds of a double bass and a saxophone weave their way through the customers, letting them get rid of daily routine and stress. The atmosphere is so relaxing that it almost seems to come from another world. Live music makes this picturesque sunset over the lagoon even more magical.

In the mean time the young French couple has sat on a canapé not far from the duo. I move closer and welcome them in our outdoor lounge. They can’t find the words to tell me how fascinated they are by this idyllique context.

I recommend them our typical Ritual Aperitif, a cool drink served with delicious Venetian “cicchetti”, local chees, cold cuts and grilled specialties of the day. They seem enthusiastic and decide to try it. They tell me they are beer lovers, therefor I advice them to taste our Antoniana craft beer.

A saxophone solo spreads in the air, the double bass is admired and silent. From the counter, I notice that the French couple is really appreciating the aperitif. They talk, laugh, joke and love each other. I smile and let myself get carried away from the hypnotic symphony for a while.

A Watercolored dinner

I see the two young lovers coming towards me. They seem to be completely satisfied by the authentic venetian aperitif: it was a surprise to them. I ask them to tell me briefly about their days spent here, at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski. They say that they’d love to come back again, but they hope to stay a few more days next time.
Before saying goodbye, the man tells me that they have a reservation at the Acquerello Gourmet Restaurant. «It will be a very special evening», he confesses, winking.

I watch them walking away to the rhythm of the swing, and I’m joyful. Happiness belongs to this haven of peace!
Inside I imagine the continuation: at the Acquerello Gourmet Restaurant, which is just a few steps away from the Bacaro, a refined and original tasting menu awaits them. I am totally sure they will love the combinations of seasonal, fresh ingredients, directly picked from the garden of San Clemente Palace Kempinski. And who knows what will happen when they taste the dessert tonight!


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Al Bacaro San Clemente Kempinski

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