Interviewing Alessandra Rinaudo, the bride stylist

Interviewing Alessandra Rinaudo, the bride stylist

The bride stylist: Alessandra Rinaudo’s beautiful world.

Woman, mother, businesswoman: Alessandra Rinaudo, creative director of “Nicole Spose” brand, tells us how she turned her love for bridal dresses to a successful career, which made her famous all around the world. 

Creative, determined and eclectic. Talended as much as passionate. We introduce you to Alessandra Rinaudo, creative director of  Nicole Fashion Group Spa, stylist and artistic soul of the italian brand best known all around the world for its bridal dresses of classic and glamour style. Other than being a successful designer, Alessandra was also part of Real Time TV show  “L’abito dei Sogni” and “La stilista delle spose”, where she was able to display her magic world of sketches, amazing dresses, styling and accessories all dedicated to the bride. Author of the “L’abito dei sogni. Come trovare l’abito perfetto ed essere felice!” book and co- founder of Nicole brand, alongside her husband  Carlo Marco Cavallo, Alessandra Rinaudo is one of the main protagonist of the bridal fashion world, but also a mother of three.


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When and how did you develop your love for fashion and bridal dresses?

I was born and raised surrounded by wedding dress, seeing that my mother, and my grandmother before her, run a wedding fashion boutique. You can say that I have a bridal fashion gene inside me! I decided to study fashion in Milan, and then when I got married I create my own wedding dress… Together with my husband  Carlo Marco Cavallo we turn a local atelier in a worldwide SPA.

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From the begging of your career, how did the bride image change through the years? Which are the fashion trends, accessories, designs and fabrics that run the fashion world today?    

First thing, the modern bride is very much more aware of the choice she’s making and lives her wedding day not only as the glorification of her love story, but also as the change to express herself and her personality. A very important part of my job is to find the perfect raw material to start with. I’m always looking for new fabrics, embrodery patterns and laces. They are as important as the sketch: without the right fabric, it’s nothing more than a pretty drawing. Accessories are instead that final touch that can improve the style of the dress, or ruine it forever. They embody elegance, attention to deitails, beauty.

Nicole, Colet, Aurora, Romance and Jolies: 5 different fashion lines, 5 different types of bride. Which are the different aspects of these fashion creations?

Every fashion line develps a different image of woman: Nicole the glamour one, Colet the romantic, Jolies the international one, Aurora the bon ton bride, Romance the princess bride. The latest one, the “Alessandra Rinaudo” fashion line, is for all the fashionistas out there, who want to wear the best of Made in Italy couture.

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Which are your inspirations for every fashion line?

I like to draw inspiration from everything on trend, even from the way the younger generations communicate and from what excites them. All I want to do is understanding reality and its fast transformations. I also travel a lot: getting in touch with different realities  and cultures, seeing with my eyes the beauty of the world, is one of my strongest source of inspiration. But even the brides themselves, the one I talk and work with, are endless source of ideas. Watching them wearing the dress of their dreams, seeing how much they try to choose the perfect wedding dress… it’s then that my mind comes up with the most beautiful inspirations.

Which are the main things to keep in mind when a bride comes to you looking for the perfect dress? 

My first advice for the bride is simple but very effective: understand which side of yourself you want to give on the best day of your life. The dress is for the body, but also for the soul. There isn’t a better dress that the one which makes you feel good. Every woman needs to feel beautiful, it doesn’t really matter what the others say. This is why I think there are few people who can be real advicers: the ones who truly know the bride and wants for her just the best, no matter their personal taste. To me, the important thing is listening to the bride, understanding her personality, the kind of wedding she has in mind, the things that she loves in everyday life. It’s only then that I can finally give her my advices and help her to choose the wedding dress which will make her feel beautiful and perfect, forever.    

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