Alternative wedding in Veneto: 4 ideas

Alternative wedding in Veneto: 4 ideas

Are you organizing your wedding, but you’re looking for something that can match your eccentric personality? Today wedding doesn’t necessarily mean white dress, and sugared almonds, but you can celebrate it how you like it, following your own tastes! Here are 4 ideas for an alternative wedding in Veneto.

Choose the dress you like the most!

Do you find the white dress boring? Don’t worry: today a lot of women choose to get married dressed the way they want. An elegant alternative can be a suit, a white one if you want to be different from your partner. Or you can play with colors and choose a pink dress or blue, or even red. Or you can choose some unique details. If you really can’t give up the idea of wearing a wedding veil, why don’t you buy it in a boutique in Burano, where there’s a secular tradition of lace making? That’s the perfect occasion to have an unique accessory that you will keep your whole life.

Wedding favors

Another detail you shouldn’t ignore are the wedding favors: if you’re bored by the same silver souvenirs, there are a lot of original ideas you can also use everyday, and maybe they can be also eco-friendly: prosecco bottles with customized label or kilometer zero jam or honey pots by the best beekeeper of the area.

Iced flowers

You know that details that seem useless are what really makes the difference: they let your guests know how much you care about them. So, a beautiful idea is to add some little flowers in the ice cubes you will put in the glasses, for a flowery touch that will make everyone smile.

A bouquet you can keep

It’s so sad when the flowers of your bouquet die and you have to throw them away! What if I told you there’s a way to keep it, at least partly, so you can keep it with you? I’m not talking about fake plastic flowers, but to add some little succulents in it! The succulents aren’t just the classic cactus, they can have a lot of shapes and colors, and a lot of them are shaped like beautiful flowers. So, if you put one inside your bouquet, you will plant it and keep it.