4 Ideas for a wedding way outside the box

4 Ideas for a wedding way outside the box

The general rule to a successful wedding? You have to make it your own!

Your wedding must be the perfect moment to celebrate a love story, your own love story. Forget all about the bon ton and the memories of past weddings, it’s time to dare a little and dive into unique ideas and alternative inspirations to make your wedding day an event never seen before!

We selected for you 4 brillant ideas for the perfect alternative wedding

1. No more rice!

The throwing of the rice is one of the most solid wedding traditions: the rice, symbol of wealth and well being, rains on the bride and groom like a well whis for a brillant future. However, why don’t you spare the rice for the following dinner and choose on of our cute little ideas instead? Throwing rose petals is the right amount of freshness you were waiting for: coloured, scented, romantic and definitely lighter than the rice. If instead the date of your wedding day is set in February or March, just grab a pack of confetti: the ceremony will become a true carnival party!

alternative wedding petals     alternative wedding confetti

2. A big circle for everyone

matrimonio alternativo seduteThe wedding ceremony can easily be one of the more sentimental part of the day or the most boring hour of the entire weekend! Your guests risk to find themesleves trapped in the last rows of chairs, with an unclear view on the wedding couple and the greatest desire for the happyhour time. To rekindle the attention of your guests all you need are small and clever solutions, like setting up a different pattern of chairs during a ceremony outside.

The spiral shape will make the bride and groom the real main characters of the entire day.






3. Having fun

We have already said it so many times, your wedding has to be an event of love and happiness, but above all it has to be the best party of your life! This means that in addition to the buffet, dinner and cake the wedding couple has to find the best ways to enjoy themselves and to make sure that everyone is having fun! Music, dances, shows, tests, videos, karaoke… and why not, even taking selfies!

alternative wedding
Creating a guest book like this one will give you the possibility to have fun in the photo boot with your friends and to bring home  a very precious remaider of the day.

4. What about the children?

If you’re getting married the possibility that even your friends have – or are going to – tied the knot is very high: what does it mean? That more than one will probably show up with a baby in town! Managing a group of children at a wedding is an hard challange, even for the most experienced wedding planner. Our advice is then to prepare beforehand a little space for the little ones. Some pencils and papers, one or two toys and a pack of chips, and you’re going to be just find! You may also gain some beautiful drawings!

matrimonio alternativo bambini