Amalfi Coast, romantic beauty in Campania

Amalfi Coast, romantic beauty in Campania

The Amalfi Coast, a small jewel of Campania.

Enclosed in the west by the beautiful Positano and in the east by the ancient Vietri sul Mare, the Amalfi Coast overlooks the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Salerno and has always won over its most romantic visitors.

In everlasting love with the sea, the 16 beautiful municipalities of Salerno unfold one after the other between slopes, cliffs and steep streets.

The result is the perfect marriage of land and sea, surrounded by the bittersweet scent of lemons.

Ravello, the city of music.

The Ravello Festival is one of the most ev
zpewummocative events of the Amalfi Coast, the celebration of arts and culture in the harmony of the mountains behind you and the sea before your eyes.

Wonderful indeed are the live concerts on the stage of Villa Rufolo, which offers a breathtaking view from his “garden of the soul”, suspended between the blue of the sea and the sky.

No less impressive is the view from the Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone. Backed by the infinite horizon of the sea, it is the ideal place for the most romantic picture of your life.

Positano, fashion and high class tourism.

campania-4-modificataPositano is certainly one of the most chic and exclusive city of the Amalfi Coast, destination of an elegant and high level tourism.

However, Positano is much more than five-stars restaurants and trendy boutiques: it is the heart of the production of handmade leather sandals and cotton clothes, is a city of majestic nineteenth-century buildings and unique natural landscapes.

The path of the Gods is immersed in the purest nature, the perfect walk to reach the highest point over the sea and to enjoy a romantic sunset over the water.

But careful not to get enchanted by the melodious sound of the legendary mermaids, that from the Li Galli Islands, a few kilometers from the town beach, put to the test even the brave Odysseus.

chiostro-del-paradisoAmalfi, the heart of the Amalfi Coast.

Unlike other cities of the coast, Amalfi stands out as a white spot between the rocks, the houses connected to one another by endless stairways.

Beaches that look like jewels, a sea of innumerable shades of blue and a charming old town are the winning ingredients of Amalfi, always a romantic and original location for any couple’s weekend.

Noteworthy is certainly the Duomo, with its facade of blacks and whites plots and the famous interior Cloister of Paradise, so named because once it was a graveyard for the most famous citizens of the city.

With interlaced arches above the columns and the central palm trees in the little garden, the cloister is truly enveloped by a divine atmosphere.