An invitation to dinner at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski

An invitation to dinner at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski

This evening I wear a short silk dress that leaves my neck and shoulders uncovered. It’s ivory, embroidered with intense blue, just like Francesco’s eyes, and enveloping like the evening falling upon us. I tied back my hair, so my diamonds can stand out. I hold in my hands the invitation I received a few days ago together with an elegant bouquet of white lilies, my favorites. I smile and hold that note close to my heart. He knows how to surprise me.
I get off the boat and almost seem to be walking on a catwalk, as I walk along the main avenue of the San Clemente Palace Kempinski.

san clemente palace kempinksi main avenue

Francesco is there waiting for me, I recognize him immediately. He smiles at me and I get even more excited, like on our first date ten years ago. He kisses me gently and takes my hand. The tension vanishes, there are just the two of us.

Romantic sunset at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski

We walk along a well-kept path, immersed in the lush vegetation and he holds me tightly. We reach the top of a gentle slope and what I see leaves me speechless: a single table set for two, white flowers and scented candles, while in the background the lagoon of Venice extends majestic and placid. The view from here is breathtakingly beautiful. On the horizon, I can clearly distinguish the architecture of Piazza San Marco, which reflects on the water, almost wanting to immerse for a crazy evening bath. The last boats re-enter, dragging waves that cradle the reflection of the sun. The sky looks like a pink gold flow, embellished only by a few brilliant clouds. In front of this charm, I feel like a queen. I look at my king and we smile at each other.

The waiter arrives and, like a true gentleman, he makes me sit down first, and then welcomes us with a fresh glass of bubbles: this Sunset Hill never ceases to surprise me.

San Clemente Palace Kempinski Sunset Hill

Romantic dinner at Sunset Hill

Our dinner turns soon into a culinary journey that leads us to the discovery of exciting and unexpected flavors. Treatments are overwhelmingly well presented, the balance between delicate and strong tastes, the pursuit for contrasts that surprise the palate… what a pleasant surprise! From appetizers to desserts, each dish contains the passion and the seek of the chef that stands out even more than the food. For every bite, an emotion. As recalled by our comments, here is the chef himself, came to make sure if everything has been appreciated. I try to express in words the triumph of sensations experienced while tasting his creations, but I don’t think I achieved my goal.

treats by chef schifferegger

Once we were alone again and finished dinner, we stand up. We hug each other and remain in an embrace full of love for a few moments, to contemplate the starry sky that has fallen over us in the meantime. A dreamlike silence envelops us and the silvery light of the moon caresses us.

The San Clemente suite reserved for us

Francesco confesses that there is a better perspective from which to enjoy this landscape. I am about to answer that it will be difficult even to equal that of Sunset Hill, but with sure steps, he brings me back to the San Clemente Palace Kempinski. At the reception, Francesco gets a key delivered and with a look that barely holds the emotion, he invites me to follow him.

When the elevator doors open, I find myself in the elegant and refined San Clemente Suite. Francesco reserved it specifically because he knew how much I would have liked. I don’t have time to discover every corner, because my husband brings me to the immense window facing the lagoon and kisses me gently. The perspective from here tastes completely different.

san clemente suite in san clemente palace Kempinski

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