Interviewing Anna Frascisco, one of the top 10 wedding planner of Italy

Interviewing Anna Frascisco, one of the top 10 wedding planner of Italy

Interviewing the talented Anna Frascisco, italian wedding planner

“Organizing a wedding is like directing an orchestra: every detail, every choice must be in harmony to make the wedding day the most unforgettable, unique and exclusive day.”

These are the beautiful words Anna Frascisco chose to present her job. Event & Wedding Planner of high standard, with more than 10 years of experience in the wedding field, was listed by the illustrious wedding magazine ZankYou as one of the top 10 wedding planner of Italy. Her talent gave life to thousand of weddings all around Europe, creating with style, good taste and professionalism the perfect day to celebrate every love story.

 “I think it was fate that made me become a wedding planner. My goal was to be a lawyer, but then one of my friend asked me to help her planning a big event… it was 16 years ago and I never looked back!”

Anna Frascisco

Photo credit @Margherita Calati

The love and the passion which come from Anna’s words is what makes it possible for her to offer to her clients a range of excellent services beyond compare. Between meetings and brainstorming sessions, creating  the mood board and  idealizing the set up, the prefect wedding project slowly comes to life, developed under Anna’s strong guidance, who has made her “resolved and not very sentimental” personality her strongest suit.

“This way I’m able to keep my composure and to manage more than one event at the same time, without ever loosing my focus.”

A flawless organization which is a true life vocation, which made those beautiful weddings come true and made Anna Frascisco famous all around the world. Her fame even started to get the attention of many VIP clients, who  entrusted her completely with the planning of their big day. However, Anna seems to have it all clearly mapped out:

“To my eyes every client is the same, everyone with their whims and needs. The fact that I’m naturally a very discrete person allows me to keep even the most famous wedding under wraps.”

anna frascisco Photo credit @Margherita Calati

Location, decorations, floral design, catering, mise en place, music, entertainment, photoshooting… Anna Frascisco helps you through the choice of every single aspect of your wedding day, having access to a wide network of suppliers and locations to choose from; falling in love with your wedding will be only a matter of time.

The winning secret to a perfect wedding? Anna thinks that part of the magic starts with the  creation of the location set up:

“Equipment is the dress that represents the essence of the moment. Lights, flower decorations, centerpiece, furniture: I love setting up a place and I think it’s one of the strongest suit of a well-finished wedding.”   

Of course, the location itself must have that charm and fascination which makes you fall in love with it at first sight. The list of  exclusive wedding destinations that witnessed Anna’s talent is once again worthy of the highest praises: luxury cities, beautiful villas overlooking the sea, famous sea-side cities, chic country houses … the European, but especially italian, territory at its best.

“Italy is beautiful in every aspect: art, sea, hills, vineyards, monuments, good food.”

Anna Frascisco

Photo credit @Margherita Calati

However, Anna’s “magic powers” don’t end here. Her romantic offer goes well beyond every other one, aiming to offer a selection of truly unique luxury wedding services, not only because rare to be found and very original, but because fully custom-made to fit the client’s needs.

Excellent chefs, private boutiques, full-comfort travels, luxury transfers, shopping, bridal beauty: these are the main ingredients to Anna’s idea of luxury.

“Luxury does not lie in objects, hotels or dresses. Luxury is an exclusive experience. I don’t try to sell objects that can be afforded only with huge budgets, but I craft unique experiences for every client, custom-made on the way they see and feel about their wedding day.”   

Anna Frascisco

Photo credit @Morlotti Studio


Our last question for Anna Frascisco had to be the most intimate one, the one which would show more than ever the real woman behind the wedding planner, the love and passion behind the talent.

“How do you feel at the end of the day when you realize that you were part of someone else’s happiness?”

“Every wedding has left me something, some sort of lessons, a piece of life. The happiness I see in the wedding couple after the wedding is mine reward after hours upon hours of stress, tiredness and hard work.”