Antica Torre di Iuso for couples: mens sana in loco sano

Antica Torre di Iuso for couples: mens sana in loco sano

Here we are again in Torre di Iuso, the most ancient and fascinating architecture of Matera, a charming and timeless place where history meets refinement. The elegant structure that stands like a rare pearl in the heart of Basilicata is one of the most popular destinations for young couples who wants to celebrate their love. This frame, full of value and romanticism, is the most suitable background to portray deep and overwhelming feelings and to eternalize them so that they will remain forever. Therefore, Torre di Iuso is an ideal location for romantic weekends, wedding proposals and renewal of promises.

Thanks to the recent increasing success, Torre di Iuso has in store some pleasant and imminent surprises for all the guests who wants to take advantage of them.

Antica Torre di Iuso hotel Matera bath

Dr. Rocco Gentile, doctor. communication expert and owner of the hotel, holds here some meetings aimed at introspective reflection on the “quality of life”. Much attention is paid to inner well-being, inner balance and harmony both with oneself and with one’s partner. The real added value is indeed this: the meetings (which are usually made for quite large groups of people) can be booked exclusively for two! So your romantic stay can be enriched by one or more of these pleasant moments that will contribute and nurture your peace of mind, allowing you reflect on the quality of your thoughts and the art of happiness.

But what makes these chats with the expert really unique and special?

Antica Torre di Iuso hotel Matera Sassi


Exterior and interior wellness

The perfect combination of Sassi, Nature and Culture that the landscape offers, this is the answer. A perfect balance of a place that seems to float between the real and the surreal. A reigning quiet, a calm that overhangs everything and the warmth of an enveloping atmosphere, like a sudden hug that fills you with joy and makes you forget any worry, any problem. So it’s here that well-being starts first, from the outside to reach the inside.

If you the city behind you, you’ll soon arrive to the Tower, where comfort is the king: here a charm of other times joins the elegance of the spaces recovered and restored with care by the owners. They then become the most appropriate place to meet, reflect and facilitate communication with the partner.

Antica Torre di Iuso hotel Matera rooms

Now, close your eyes and imagine. Do you see the sunset? Leave your room and, hand in hand with your partner, take some relaxed steps towards the panoramic terrace. Just a few meters and you are inundated by the light of the rays now falling of that ball on fire that plays hide and seek with the horizon. Its warmth touches your face softly and gives new shades of gold to your hair. Breathe this sparkling and pure air.

You are now going to the table in the middle of the panoramic terrace, sitting on the comfortable chairs. Close your eyes. Take a beathe. Your mind is emptied, thoughts and worries leave you. Take a breathe. A light breeze gives you a gentle pat on the shoulder. Take a breathe.

Now open your eyes again.

Here, in front of you, the magic of the stones opens up. It leaves you unfailingly breathless and impresses like an indelible memory in your minds

Antica Torre di Iuso hotel Matera terrace view


Mens sana in loco sano

You have come into contact with nature, you have come into contact with yourself, with your deepest self. The expert reaches you and the dialogue begins. A few words, simple but effective. You are thus transported in a stream of thoughts and words that lead to dialogues and constructive comparisons. Dr. Gentile will guide you through a path aimed at wellness at 360°.

Antica Torre di Iuso is rediscovered as a meeting scenario for seminars that focus on you. Not surprisingly, it is said that “feeling good about yourself is the first step to being comfortable among others”. So what better time to stay in Torre di Iuso to take advantage of this opportunity? Or if, on the contrary, you have been looking for this kind of experience for a long time, here Torre di Iuso becomes the perfect location to make your desire come true.


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