The Bride’s Zodiac: Aries Love Horoscope

The Bride’s Zodiac: Aries Love Horoscope

Aries Love Horoscope: the adventurous bride

Born between the 21st  of March and the 20th of April? Are you curious to know the Aries love Horoscope? Then you are an Aries bride; a strong and bold personality in an “elegant” wrapping. The first sign of the Zodiac offers to its “daughters” fire-red features, the same colour as Mars, the planet which presides over the sign; red as war, red as passionate love.

… but can you simmer down in the light of such important day ahead of you?

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The Dress

We imagine the aries bride as, at the end of the ceremony, she roughly gathers the wedding dress and runs (brand new husband in tow) towards new adventures. The design of her wedding dress is a perfect mix of styles and textures, swinging between traditional elegance and glamour details (as the lacy blouse with a masculine cutting inside the princess satin gown).

(Marx design from Claraluna’s Forever fashion line)

The Bouquet

Absolutely required in any bouquet of an aries bride is her own flower: the Narcissus. Vain and delicate, it displays self-confidence but needs light, attention and a lot of love. According to the old Jewish custom, it symbolizes fertility and woman’s beauty.

The Lingerie

Passionate and burning with passion, how could our bride don’t hide under her wedding dress the fire-red of desire?

(balconette bra by ID Sarrieri)

The Jewelry

The stones of the aries sign are all reddish; there’s no way around it. The coral, or the more precious ruby, increases stamina (even if they really don’t need it) and reduces tension, that always fills the restless aires brides.

(gold airings with pink ceramic insert and Pomellato rubys, Capri design)

The Perfume

The perfume that wraps the aries bride can only be as bold and energetic as she is. The citron, often used in perfumery to enhance the intensity of the other ingredients, has to be present. Sure enough its fragrance, together with Vetiver and Musk ones, composes the bouquet of the new Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée by Narciso Rodriguez.

The Make Up

Is already clear that red is a must in every colour palette used on a aries bride. A bold detail as a ruby red lips will made every make up glamorous and stylish, no frills needed.

(Liquid lipstick Smith & Cult – Mad Heat)

The Shoes

Not even this excited souls can avoid wearing the highest symbol of femininity: heels. They better start practising how to run in those shoes because they can’t be avoided!

[l’Avana sandal, Le Silla design)