Audio and lighting for your wedding: your best day with AFS Service Audio Luci

Audio and lighting for your wedding: your best day with AFS Service Audio Luci

AFS Service Audio Luci

The company AFS Service Audio Luci is expert on supplying audio and lighting equipment for weddings, concerts, festivals, theater performances, meetings and conferences, photo exhibitions and more.

The day of your wedding is full of emotions. The love and company of your dear ones, the elegance and colors of clothes and decorations, music, the video recording of the bride and groom, everything is imprinted in your mind and heart. For these reasons AFS Service Audio Luci assists you to make unforgettable sounds and lights of your special day.

First of all it is necessary a study of the location in which the wedding will be celebrated: only after that AFS Service Audio Luci will suggest you the right audio and lighting equipment to enhance sounds and locations, both indoors and outdoors. Not everyone who offers entertainment and music has the suitable PA system for the location: for this reason the company checks the place, also talking to people in charge of the location, to recommend the most suitable one. AFS Service Audio Luci also provides musical instruments for artists who come from far away and cannot have the equipment with them.

Lights, then, set off and enhance the atmosphere of the location, lights to illuminate faces, decorations, tables and gardens. One light is soft, others warm, clear, brilliant, there is one suitable for every moment of the reception.

Among the locations where weddings by AFS Service Audio Luci took place there are: JW Marriott Venice, St. Regis San Clemente Palace, the island of San Servolo in Venice, Villa Condulmer in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso).

Let yourself be surrounded by sounds and lights by AFS Service Audio Luci!

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