About Anya Sodern

Eyes straight to the sky, gazing "beyond". Listening to the Silence. Sensitive to details, committed to totality, searching to bring opposites back together. Writing is her way to reveal herself, words are the way to powerfully concretize her timeless ideas. In the middle, between reality and virtuality.

Wedding in Monferrato: a gift of love through Fall sparkles

My soul is ready to give in to the sweetest dream of our wedding in Fall. I know, it’s gonna be a stunning wedding in Monferrato, in Italy. Just as I’ve always dreamt it secretly in my heart. Dreaming among good fragrances and history I woke up this morning just thinking about you. The sunlight […]

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Santa Severa Castle, wedding proposal on the beach

Yesterday I was thinking about you. Do you remember when you asked me: «Will you marry me?». What a magic! A wonderful wedding proposal in a castle, the Santa Severa Castle. A beautiful promise on the beach, just in front of the Tyrrhenian sea, where he sea foam made by wakes emphatically disappears under the […]

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Wedding in Lazio: getting married at the Heart of Italy

Dreaming your wedding in Rome is a timeless magic! Because a wedding in Lazio, whether in Rome or in the uncountable locations of the region, is able to gift the bride and the groom with a magical dream. It’s like opening an enchanting set of opportunities. Experiences, expressions, memories, emotions and dreams coming true! Moreover, […]

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Flower girls and ring bearers: the best how-to guide

Nice boys, stunning babies, wonderful little girls, amazing children dressed in elegant gowns suddenly call to my mind the splendors of past centuries and the elegance of royalty because they represents the prerogative of a dreaming royal wedding. And, you know, noblesse oblige. So, every bride keen on aristocracy dreams an elegant wedding with little […]

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