Bachelorette party in Veneto: what you can’t miss

Bachelorette party in Veneto: what you can’t miss

So, next week I’m getting married. Everything is ready: from my dress, to the party, to the banquet. The last months have been pretty intense, and I’ve never stopped a second with the preparations, but also very exciting. My heart beats fast when I think about the ceremony, about the two of us, in front of each other, exchanging vows and finally being bounded forever. But now there’s one last step to take: tomorrow there’s my bachelorette party! A ladies’ week-end, me and my dearest friends, and I really don’t know what they organized for me. Yes, because the only thing I know about the next days is that they made the wedding planner go crazy with their plans for the weekend! I’m very curious to find out what they organized for me, but I have no doubt that it will be unforgettable: we know each other since primary school and they know me better than I know myself.

Surprise… in limo!

It’s almost 5 pm, and I’m sitting on my sofa. “Dress up well!” they told me, “Do you remember the last time you put on your sequin dress?” I smile, they’re right, I haven’t wore it in a while. I’m ready, they should be here. Then, I hear the bell ringing, and I run outside. A driver with an elegant suit is opening a white limousine to make me go inside, and I can see the girls with a glass of whine. I don’t even know what to say: if this is only the beginning, it will be a dreamy week-end! Now I have to go, I don’t want to miss a second of this experience. You’ll hear from me on monday!

bachelorette party, limousine

VIP night at the thermal hotel

It was really awesome! When I got into the car, the driver took us in a beautiful five-star hotel in Abano Terme, for a wonderful beginning of the first night together. There’s no best way to be in company of the women of my life than being in thermal water among the bubbles (in the Jacuzzi, but also in a glass of Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG!). We did some masks with the clay, and we chatted as we haven’t for a while. Later, we went down to dinner. In the restaurant of the hotel there was bruscandoli rice and bollito alla padovana, and then some desserts from tiramisù to eclairs.

Jacuzzi and wine

Horse riding like Princess Sissi

The next morning began in the most unexpected way: we woke up at 7:30, fast breakfast, and then the limo came back to take us to the Colli Euganei, not far from there, for… horse riding! The girls couldn’t do any better: they booked an exclusive and private package just for us, because they know I love horses since I was a little girl, and exploring the hills in the gentle breeze of spring made us feel like real amazons! It’s a beautiful place, surrounded by fields and long flowery lawns. If you love nature like me, it’s definitely the place for you!

Dinner on the water

In the afternoon, we went back to the hotel. We had a fast shower, because another surprise was waiting for me! The limo came back once again, and I really didn’t know where it would have taken us. When we finally got off, I couldn’t believe that! We were in Porto San Felice, near Chioggia, and before my eyes there was a huge luxury yacht, reserved just for us. We got in, and it sailed. There was a beautiful laden table, and a chef cooking for us the typical food of that area: capesante with garlic and parsley, spaghetti with bibarasse and cuttlefish stew! Everything was cooked with masterful skills, we ate everything! This dinner on the lagoon at the sunset, with a band playing for us in the background, will be forever in my heart.

yacht on the Venice Lagoon

What can I say, it was an awesome week-end, a very glamour and not vulgar bachelorette party, but it was also wild and funny. Now there are onlu few days left to my wedding and if these are the premises, it will be dreamy!