The perfect bachelorette party: what the bride-to-be wants

The perfect bachelorette party: what the bride-to-be wants

What about the Bachelorette Party?

It’s been years since the bachelor party isn’t the only party going on beforre the wedding. Thanks to today explosive feminism, it’s a common thing that the even the soon-to-be bride has the change to say goodbye to her single life. So when the man of the couple is out drinking with his buddies, his future wife enjoy the company of her closest friends. Men and women live their last day as single in very different ways, however sometimes even the soon-to-be brides are the ones who forget the huge difference bewteen the two sexes. Otherwise, how can we explain the many bachelorette parties which, like a bad copy of the male version, consist ony of  toy boys and sexy dances?

Luckily, the majority of the female population don’t enjoy the idea of a sensual and public celebration with some unknown man, but prefers spending their bachelorette party surrounded by their closest girlfriends.

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Girls’ friendship … it’s a must

The bachelorette party could be defined as a cathartic experience, one in which the bride can be remembered that she’ll be able to remain the woman she was before the wedding, a friend and a lover other than a wife. The night of the bachelorette party could be the right occasion to prove how strong is the friendship between women. So, if you0re in charge to plan your best friend’s bachelorette party, don’t stress to much: planning a fun night is important, but what matters the most is creating a night that tells about the bride’s passions and hobbies. Once that is taken care of, the limousine, the hotel, the stellar restaurant take second place: spending money it’s not enough. What would the bride really enjoy? If she’s really your best friend, you must know her desires and make at least one of them come true! A very original idea is to create her wish list. What does she whish for? What does she dream of? Which are her deepest desires? Inspirations? To-do-lists?

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The wish list …

Doing a kayaking course or a parachute training, trying a cooking lesson. Or finishing her degree, writing a book, recording a song. Collect all her dreams and hopes to remind her that being a wife doesn’t mean she won’t be a woman anymore. You can go all the way and give to her a real wish list, which she can adjust and extend. Or you can choose one or two desires from the wish list and make them come true, right away. For this last idea, it’s importan to focus on simple and possibile whishes, to realize in one day. Your friend goes crazy for the truffle? Take her to a nice restaurant with a lot of truffle-based dishes! Does she love heights? Take her on a hot air baloon ride! Does she love black and white movies? Find out that one cult movie she hasn’t seen yet! Or you can give her that book which she was never able to find. If fashion is her weakness, bring her to her favourite boutique and let her choose the prettiest dress!

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Relax and love…dinner or lunch?

Your main goal is that the bride won’t ever get bored; the atmoshpere needs to be always happy and exciting. You can cook a nice lunch, like a fancy bruch or an original pic nic. If you’re the one cooking the food, be careful to follow a theme: maybe the bride’s favourite colour, or a special ingredient. If you want to make her laugh, just cook something she just hates from the botton of her heart. Bring some good wine, but do not get overboard on the alcohol! Dinner time can be fancier and more polished. Choose a nice restaurant with an elegant style and all the bride’s favourite dishes! At the ending of the night, just bring her to a cool club or disco. Letting go on the dance floor is just what the bride needs to forget all about the pre-wedding stress!


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