Our top 5: the best beaches in Sardinia

Our top 5: the best beaches in Sardinia

Summer special: the best beaches in Sardinia beaches are waiting for you!

Summer means relax. Summer means waves and clear sky, means feet on the warm sand and sun on the skin. Summer is the beach, summer is being in love with the sea.

the best beaches in Sardinia

Which are the best destinations to fully enjoy the summer months? Without any doubt, Sardinia has always played a prime role in the seaside tuorism in Italy: its beaches are not only oasis of relax and fun, but true naturalistic jewel of endless beauty. Not only waters, sand and sky, but a breathtaking landscape of rocks and sea.

We worked hard to find the most hidden and cherished destinations in Sardinia, those quiete and less known beaches of undenying beauty. Those places that we all reach for but only few can actually see.

Let’s find out our top 5: the best beaches in Sardinia

1. Cala Coticcio Beach

best beaches in Sardinia Coticcio

Cala Coticcio beach, with its clear waters, lights up the entire archipelago of La Maddalena. The sea looks almost spotted, full as it is of blue spots: dark blue, light blue, turquoise… a mix of shades. The reddish rocks all around surrounded the seashore like an embrace, light and thin sand on your toes. For all its exotic features, Cala Coticcio was nicknamed “the Tahiti of the West”.


2. Valle della Luna beach

best beaches in Sardinia

Valle della Luna beach is within the Capo Testa peninsula. Known all around the world as the beach most loved by hipsters, it shows a very unique natural landscape: the land around the sea is divided in seven vallys of granite, one of which was nicknamed “the Skull”. Inside the valleys the erosion produced by the rolling of the waters created beautiful natural caves, from which you can enjoy the view of the surrouding sea.


3. Is Arutas beach

le più belle spiagge della sardegna

Is Arutas beach has a really special name for sure, but that’s not all. It is, without a doubt, the most atypical beach of the island. Not a grain of sand can be found on its seashore, only a stretch of little stones of coloured quartz. Yellow, white, brown, reddish, blue, all shades of quartz cover the entire surface of the beach, making it a real jewel.


4. Cala Goloritzé beach

best beaches in Sardinia

Nominated as Italian nationan natural Monument, Cala Goloritzé is a must for every lover of relax and nature. A place of clear waters and sea breeze, surrounded by thick vegetation which wins against the dark rocks. Born after a landslide, Cala Goloritzé stands out all around Sardinia thanks to its stone pinnacle, more than 150 metres high, that dominates the entire seashore.


5. Su Giudeu beach

le spiagge più belle della sardegna

Su Giudeu beach is one the lowest section of the seashore, which can be ammired in its beauty especially when the low tide arrives. The sand is super thin and blinding white, like every heavenly beach. Behind the beathers there is the beautiful view of the high dunes covered by violet juniper plants: a true beauty for the eyes.