Marche: one of the best places to go on holiday

Marche: one of the best places to go on holiday

Best places to go on holiday: Marche, Italy

1. Green itinerary: the natural landscape

From the heights of the Apennines to green of the rolling hills, down towards the coast: a varied and eclectic landscape the one the region of Marche has developed, but above all, breathtaking in its every shape.

The umbro-marchigiano Apennines links the two bordering regions (Umbria and Marche): the “Vettore” mountain, 2.400 metres high, wins the prize of highest peak. Between the valleys, we find the famous National Parks, wide reservations which protect and preserve the region’s own wildlife and unspoiled Nature. First and foremost the “Monti Sibillini” National Park, 70.000 acres of vegetation and limitless space, land of mysteries and legends of witches and faeries.

Many the hiking trails available, from a relaxing walk to a ride around by bike or even a horseback ride: a “friendly” mountain, queen of beauty.

best places to go on holiday Conero

Trough soft hills we reach the plain, prolific land of many cities of art and culture, all the way down to the coast. Beaches of fine sand slowly make the way for the rocky seashore of the “Riviera del Conero”, place of the most unique and typical beach clubs of the entire Adriatic Coast.

2. Artistic itinerary: between art and culture

You won’t find a corner of Marche that doesn’t show the proofs of the history of art and culture the entire land was made by. Hamlets, small villages, castles, cities: a multicultural soul, birthplace of many protagonists of the italian cultural heritage.

Starting from literature, Giacomo Leopardi, the father of the italian language, was born in Recanati, which thanks to him became one of the most famous city of poetry.

best places to go on holiday recanati

We can then move on to the artistic side with Urbino and  Fabriano, two beautiful cities members of the Unesco World Heritage. Urbino, with the impressive skyline of Palazzo Ducale, jealously preserves the masterpiece of Raffaello (“Madonna con il Bambino” and “La Muta”), top painter of the Renaissence age, who was indeed born in Urbino. Fabriano instead is guarantee of quality: since the thirteenth century it is the focal point of the production of the most high-quality paper, whose watermark was – and still is – an high
italian asset.

best places to go on holiday Urbino

Finally, we have to mention  Ascoli Piceno, city of the precious “travertine”, a type of marble hard to work with but with a beautiful ending effect, and Gradara, place of the tragic Dantesque love between Paolo and Franesca.


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