Bouquet made in Italy: origins and curiosity

Bouquet made in Italy: origins and curiosity

Bouquet is one of the most important symbols of the wedding. It supposed to accompany the bride in one of the best days of his life and will be one of the most photographed details. For this reason we have to give importance to it. Bouquet must be in perfect harmony with the theme of the wedding. Especially it must be matched to the bride’s dress and be an expression of her personality. Each style wants its bouquet! White, colored, waterfall, round, teardrop or long-stemmed; there are so many to choose from. As a general rule for most simple clothes you can dare a bouquet to give an extra touch to your style. For elaborate dresses better to opt for more sober bouquet.

Bouquet has to satisfy all the senses of the bride, including the sense of smell. The ideal is to use seasonal flower. Take some advice from italian florists who know well the italian elegance and beauty. They can suggest you sophisticated and beautiful compositions of your bouquet made in Italy. For superstitious bride, you can follow the flowers language. Everyone has a significance which can be considered in bouquet composition. Among the most used flower in bouquet made in Italy: rose indicates devotion; Lily purity but also nobility and perseverance; iris symbolizes faith and hope; hyacinth fidelity in love; while callas and orchids represent femininity. There are so many other flowers to discover and to use!

Bouquet Bon-Ton

According to tradition bouquet is the ultimate tribute that the groom, as boyfriend, makes to his fiancee. The bride choose the bouquet and the groom order it and deliver it to her house. The origins of the bouquet must be up to the Arabs. The Arabs honored the bride with white orange flowers as a wish to have many children. They ended the same flowers to decorate bride’s bouquet.

In any proper wedding take place the launch of bouquet. According to tradition it happens out of the church, but increasingly it’s being launched at the end of the wedding reception. Bride turns his back to a group of unmarried invited and throws the bouquet. Tradition says that the girl who’ll gets it will be the firs to marry.

The attention to details makes the perfect ceremony. Bouquet is the inseparable bride’s companion. Because of his close and continuous contact is a vert important detail, which if chosen cleverly will help to make your wedding special. A bouquet made in Italy combines all the charm of Italian beauty. It will accompany you on this day makes of intense emotions and it will be a symbol of your unique wedding.