The bouquet of roses by Patrizia di Braida

The bouquet of roses by Patrizia di Braida

Red roses for eternal love, pink roses for a passionate gesture, white roses to symbolize purity and complicity.

How many meanings for the most beloved flower of all? It seems a lot actually, seeing that even the etymology of the word remains uncertain.

bouquet of roses

History and meaning

Rose from the Greek rodon or from the Celtic rhood (“red”), or rose as Vrad, which in Sanskrit means flexible: we don’t know for sure the origin of this word. However, what we know is the oldest legend regarding this flower, the one about Venus and how she gave to her son Cupid a white rose to donate to the God of the Silence, who made the rose the most beloved flower in his garden. Rose is in fact the main character in many stories and legends, form old times to modern days.

Starting from the Medieval Age, precisely in 1237, when Guillaume de Lorris wrote the first ever rhymes in Romance language called “Romance de la rose”, where the rose was the allegory of women and their beauty, to the modern songs by Fabrizio dè Andrè.

Marinella”, “Via del Campo”, “Bocca di rosa”, “La guerra di Piero” are just few of the song titles by the famous italian songwriter, who celebrated human emotions in his lyrics using the rose as symbol of the beauty, sensuality, love and caducity of our lives.

The bouquet of roses for the modern bride

In 2017 many brides keep choosing the bouquet of roses for their wedding day, an elegant and eclectic flower, full of different meanings: in other words, a beautiful flower, with a define look and personality, just like brides nowadays.

Our floral designer Patrizia di Braida suggests a divine bouquet of pink and ivory roses, embellished with a ribbon of the same colour. Such wedding bouquet will enhance all the elegance and sophistication of the bride and her splendid wedding dress.

Bouquet of roses

Some curiosities about roses

As Patrizia di Braida wisely reminds us, rose isn’t only about external beauty, but many are the uses of this particular flower. The popular herbal therapy finds in the fruits of the roses soothing and refreshing proprieties, other than an high level of C vitamin. Their pulp, meshed with honey and lime, makes for the perfect cream to revitalize and brighten the skin.