Bridal cuff: the wedding bouquet bracelet

Bridal cuff: the wedding bouquet bracelet

When the bridal bouquet becomes a precious and wearable jewel

What if the bridal bouquet could become a fashion accessory? The bridal cuff, or bouquet bracelet, is the latest bridal bouquet fashion trend. Let’s find out three originals ways to wear these beautiful floral bracelet.

Orchids, bellflowers and tiny roses are among the most used flowers in any bouquet bracelet, very much loved especially by youngest brides looking for something quite new and unique. The bridal cuff  can take different shapes and sizes, and besides flowers it can be decorated with others precious elements, such little gems, pearls or sequin. Some bouquet bracelet  are to wear on your wrist, others climb all up to your upper arm. Really, there are endless ways to create new and amazing floral bracelet, and all the floral designers know it well. Only two rules have to be followed: to amaze and to enhance the bride’s beauty.

The minimal bridal cuff

Simplicity rhymes with elegance and good taste, so a simple bracelet made of fabric or satin, with one or two roses and peonies, can be the perfect alternative to the classic wedding bouquet, giving at the same time a hint of originality to the overall outfit. The minimal bridal cuff is an ideal choice even for the bridesmaids!bridal bouquet

Waterfall” bracelet

A waterfall of sparkling roses is the right bouquet for an a precious wedding dress with an elegant cut. The bouquet bracelet becomes a must for every bride who appreciate the beauty of small details.

bridal cuff

Wrap Bouquet bracelet

Somewhere bewteen the minimal and  the waterfall bouquet bracelet there is the wrap floral bracelet, maybe the one which gives the floral designer more freedom to show hers/his talent. There are many ways to realize it, starting from simple one with bellflowers or roses, to a bridal cuff that starts from your ring finger and goes up to your elbow, making your arms a living decoration. The perfect fit to a boho-chic wedding.

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