All the right secrets for a perfect bridal make up

All the right secrets for a perfect bridal make up

Blended eye shadows, sparkling lips and uniform base: here’s how to create the ideal make up for a future bride.

On the day of the wedding, the bride’s styling isn’t only about the dress and the hairstyle, but even her make up has a fundamental role, seeing it makes every woman even more beautiful. So, how should the perfect make up look like? It has to be long lasting for sure, to endure the bride’s happy tears, natural but also photogenic. The wedding make up has to enhance the face features and correct imperfections, without alter too much the bride’s look.


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First thing: the base

On your wedding day, your complextion must look flawless. You have to wash and fully deterge your skin with a skin care treatment, that every beautician advices to do at least a couple of days before the wedding. After putting on your favourite primer, which makes the make up stay in place during the day, you can apply the foundation, soft and creamy and of the same colour of your skin, then the concealer, and finally a light coating of translucent face powder, the perfect ally to a uniform and opaque skin. Then it’s time to shape an illuminate the face, first with some blush on the cheecks, then with some highlighter under the eyebrows, along the nose and on your upper lip.

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Eye shadows and lipsticks

Regarding the eyes, the bridal make up has to be all about blending. The most required colours are baige shades, golden ones, peach and light rose and, in tune with the latest fashion trends, greys. But if the eye shadows, liquid, creamy or powdered, must be throughly blended, the shape of the eyes has to be enhance by some eyeliner and mascara, which will define and extend your eyelashes.

The lips instead have to be bright and elegant. If you’re not a 50′ inspired bride, who definitely needs a red lips, the lipstick can have a satin or sparkling effect, but it can never be opaque or opalescent, because there is the risk to “turn off” your smile. Yes to lip glosses, but not too glittering. It’s best to look for a more soft and natural look, for a romantic bride of irresistible charm.

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