Buttercup: shabby chic wedding bouquet

Buttercup: shabby chic wedding bouquet

The buttercup is the main protagonist in every spring wedding bouquet

Such a interesting name for a flower just as funny and elegant. The buttercup prefers wet and chilly places to grow in; it has Eastern origins but has been known and grown in Europe too for ages now. Back to Roman times, it was called Batrachion, in Turkey it was nkicknamed “the double flower of Tripoli” and an old Christian legend says that buttercups arose from the gold buttons that decorated Virgin Mary’s clothes, picked from the stars in Heaven by Jesus himself.

It is a beautiful flower, with an early blossoming and it’s definitely the perfect choice for  a simple, elegant and unique wedding bouquet. There are more than 400 different species of Buttercup, all different in shape, seize and colour; thanks to its variety it is for sure the main protagonist of every spring wedding bouquet.       

Choose the buttercup if you’re a bride who wants to fulfil your love dream under the warm sunlight of April.

buttercup flower

Its delicate petals appear almost translucent, the most common hues are yellow and white, but you can easily find even some orange, pink, red and purple species too.

The floral designer Patrizia di Braida suggests the buttercup as main flower in simple and polished floral compositions, combined with a satin or lacy ribbon or mixed with roses and peonies for brighter result.

Its meaning is both linked to beauty and brightness as well to melancholy. A perfect mix for a romantic bride who dreams a shabby chic wedding all about delicate, pastel colours.

buttercup bouquet

The buttercup is definitely a flower full of hidden meanings and beauty, and it’s why Patrizia di Braida often uses it for her amazing floral compositions. The buttercup bouquet is ready to be thrown towards the sky by the happy bride, as tradition wants, as symbol of love.