Cadeaux de mariage made in Italy: 7 ideas

Cadeaux de mariage made in Italy: 7 ideas

In a perfect wedding in Italy, cannot miss the cadeaux de mariage.

The most appreciated by the guests are cadeaux de mariage made in italy, and not the usual useless junk.
How to choose your cadeaux de mariage made in italy?

We know that Italy, as a culinary heritage, is rich; but let’s see the best cadeaux de mariage.

7 ideas for cadeaux de mariage made in Italy


Grappa Friulana

From the northeast of the Italian peninsula, exactly from Friuli Venezia Giulia, we recommend 20cl craft spirits, maybe packed in a flask decorated for the occasion.
The tastes of this grappa craft are really something for everyone, from the strongest to the most soft and fruity.

olioExtra virgin olive oil

A must in Italian cuisine. The extra virgin olive oil is produced in almost all regions, from the olive groves of Puglia to the shores of Lake Garda in the Veneto.
Packaged in a burlap bag with an elegant satin bow, it will be a much appreciated gift for your guests.



Cantucci are almond biscuits, typical of the Tuscan region.
Combined with vin santo, in which you dip before you taste them, or even without, they are one of the most original cadeaux de mariage made in italy.


These famous chocolates made in Italy have always been a symbol of love. We recommend them for a wedding in Umbria.
For your cadeaux de mariage made in Italy, please contact the Perugina, the brand that has made the famous kisses in the world, or the chocolate manufacturers of the Umbria region.


Genoese pesto

The Genovese tradition, an emblem product of the flavors of Liguria.
The perfect idea for a wedding in Liguria, especially if you are not the place and you want to surprise your guests with an original cadeau de mariage, they can take home to remember your special day accompanied to the “Trofie”.


Truffle cream

This is an idea designed for those who decide to get married in Italy in the winter season.
The cream truffle is one of the finest cadeau de mariage made in Italy, designed for those who like to enrich the intense aromas dishes.


One of the symbols of the spirits made in Italy in the world and has long appreciated gift for any occasion.
Become a fantastic cadeau de mariage with personalized label or packaged in a heart-shaped bottle.