Camerata Cornello, a gem to discover

Camerata Cornello, a gem to discover

In the province of Bergamo Camerata Cornello lies like a shy bride of a bygone era, covered by a simple dress and delicate shoes. Protected by high and sumptuous mountains, it almost looks like this town is hiding its beauties while keeping a detached look towards easy tourism.

This is exactly why Camerata Cornello is the place to choose if you want a wedding embellished with a rarefied atmosphere and protected by the modern life.

The Mountains, keepers of stories and tales

The breeze whispers lightly, lifting the veil that carries with it stories passed down from mother to daughter; eye to eye you smile at the man you swore to love, from here to eternity. The sun is high in the sky, tickling the tops of the mountains and embracing the yellow and lilac wildflowers that paint the meadow of spring. The simple but still noble Church of St. Cipriano and Cornelio, looks at you, like a granitic witness of love lasted eons. In pure Romanesque style this church is the ideal choice for a wedding that is as light as the kiss between two lovers.

Once greeted the guests, you’re deep into the old Camerata Cornello, stopping in ecstasy at the borgo of Cornello del Tasso. Considered among the most beautiful borghi in Italy, this place is the perfect setting to crystallize your first moments as husband and wife. The sky is still clear and the mountains accompany you in a whisper while you smile love drunk to the photographer.

Camerata Cornello nature Cornello del Tasso

San Pellegrino Terme, where dreams come true

Within easy reach from Camerata Cornello there is San Pellegrino Terme, set between the Prealpi Orobie. Rank and sweet in its scent that tastes like Belle Epoque, this village will be a really great background for your wedding reception.

Nestled among its cobbled streets you will find the Hotel Ristorante Bigio. With its party room, the large garden and the suites where both you and your guests can rest after the celebrations, this little gem will give your most beautiful day a touch of simple elegance.

The sun has just given way to the moon and you are giving yourself just one more dance while the graceful kiss of spring accompanies you.

Camerata Cornello San Pellegrino Terme