“Cantinone” best wines Abruzzo

“Cantinone” best wines Abruzzo

The restaurant is located in one medieval village where you can taste the best wines of Abruzzo.

Sextantio village – emotions

In Santo Stefano di Sessanio is located one of the most suggestive villages in Italy, built among Abruzzo’s mountains and located in Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. The village is the destination of many couples who search, for their romantic escape, a break out from routine of daily life, striving for discover the unavoidable charm of medieval love for a couple of days.

The small windows, the dim light, the wood irregular floors, the hand made natural non scented soaps made from olive oil and with traditional methods, the oil of lupin’s shampoo, the candles entirely hand casted, will be an irresistible inspiration for every couple of lovers who will pass his romantic moment as in a medieval fable.

vini abruzzoSpread Hotel, past – present

The spread hotel inside the village has repurposed the medieval atmosphere either in the particular forniture and accessories of the rooms and suites, in which you can find towels and linen hand made from ancient tissues, manifactured with love and ability from the Abruzzo’s weavers. In the spread hotel we can find the domestic artisan shop, furnished as a typical ancient house, with a big loom in the centre of the room. In this place you can buy the objects you’ll find in the rooms.

Village Wedding: best wines Abruzzo

In this marvellous village you can organize a fabulous wedding party, either with the civil rite in one of the spaces of the building, or with the religious rite, in the village Chapel.
Sextantio Albergo Diffuso offers the possibility to organize a romantic event in uniques ambients, where you can find very evidently the marks of the past, maintaining the charme and the exclusivity of the place. A unique project in the tranquillity of the place and with the frame of the Gran Sasso Park, a perfect location for an unforgettable wedding.
The Cantinone is only one of the possibilities for your wedding party, or for a romantic dinner in the village. If you like simple and genuine things, which brings you back to the simpleness of the past times, not forgetting the best food and wines of Abruzzo, this place is your place.
The Catinone infact, is inspired from self-sufficiency world offering cellar not processed products, and offering a few, unique simple and essential dishes, inspired from the local culture. All this, sipping the best wines of Abruzzo in a wonderful frame where a charming stone made fireplace warms up the place and the lovers’ hearts.