Carnival Wedding Party

Carnival Wedding Party

How to create a masquerade at your wedding

The Venice Carnival is a particularly fascinating event. So much so, that the recent news is the German couple that became engaged on the great stage in San Marco’s Square during the competition for most beautiful costumes.

carnival wedding partyWhether your proposal is in masquerade or not, the ideas and inspirations for the wedding, or simply the wedding party, are infinite. Even if you decide to adopt only a few of the details that suggest the ancient festival traditions, just think how special that day will be in Carnival style.

The perfect dress will take its inspiration from the 18th century: ample, gauzy, spectacular, and not necessarily white.

carnival wedding partycarnival wedding partyOr, make it clean and linear, with lace panels, and enriched by the refinement of the mask, that must of course match with the future husband’s, so this will have to be a joint project.

carnival wedding partyThe bridesmaids and other friends of the bride can contribute to the scene with dresses and masks that are similar to hers, in stark contrast, in shape and color, with those of the couple.

And finally, you can indulge your sense of style with themed decorations for the table and place settings: masks as the subject of the placeholders, without becoming buffoonish by limiting the range of colors to something elegant and not too wide.

carnival wedding partyWith the wedding cake, the only risk is that you won’t want to cut it!

P.S. If you decide to hold your special day in what is one of the most magical and romantic places in Italy, don’t forget to take a look at these exclusive locations: the sophisticated Gritti Palace, the Westin Europa & Regina that overlooks the grand canal, and the baroque Monaco & Grand Canal.