The Castle of Gradara (Marche): and they lived happly ever after…

The Castle of Gradara (Marche): and they lived happly ever after…

In the heart of Marche

Have you ever heard these verses before?

“Love, who to none beloved to love again
Remits, seized me with wish to please, so strong,
That, as thou see’st, yet, yet it doth remain.”

In these verses echo the immortal bad romance between Paolo and Francesca, of Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia – here translated by George G. Byron. This unlucky love story took place in the castle of Gradara, in the heart of the Marche region.

It was built in 1150 and is perfectly maintained. It is an appealing and romantic place in itself, but the surrounding environment contributes to its charm, for its located on a hill overlooking a valley on one side, and the Adriatic sea on the other one.

Castello di Gradara, Marche

Gradara deserves a visit, this goes without saying, but it may induce you to go for a more passionate stay, for the eagerness of Paolo and Francesca keeps spreading all over the alleys.

The medieval charm of Gradara

The castle is located within the homonymous medieval village, which is enclosed by two wall belts. These walls are among the best-preserved in Italy and a fun fact is, that you can walk on them, just as the soldiers used to do centuries ago. The landscape is breathtaking and explains why so many couples love to go up the walkways, sometimes even to propose.

Gradara is romantic in itself due to its setting and historical tradition, indeed the village and the castle adjust themselves to enhance the ideal venue for romantic events such as weddings, wedding proposals, and vow renewals. You can easily picture yourself as a princess or her knight thanks to its medieval charm. In other words: it is perfect if you seek a fairytale-like location to spend some time in.

princess and knight