Castles in Tuscany: 7 destinations to discover

Castles in Tuscany: 7 destinations to discover

Castles in Tuscany: find out the best ones!

Are you fascinated by medieval villages and you wish to spend some uality time with your partener? Here our list of the best 7 Castles in Tuscany to visit.

Princess wedding – Gargonza Castle – Gargonza –  Arezzo

castelli toscani - castles in tuscanyThis castle in Val di Chiana, recently renovated, is currently used as tourist location for romantic weddings. Many couples have decided to get married within the medieval walls of Gargonza.

Romantic walk : Acciaiolo Castel- Scandicci – Florence

castelli-toscani-acciaioloIt was built within the Arno valley, a perfect strategic position to have control over the river above.

This Tuscan castle, probably built in 1300,  stands still fully undamaged, and today is used as  the Municipality of Scandicci headquarters. Free entry ti the park.

Breathtaking pictures: Buriano  Castle – Castiglione della Pescaia – Grosse

castelli-toscani-burianoMore than a Tuscan castle, is a real  ruin overlooking the village of Buriano. The inner spaces and the outside facade, like it happens to many other beautiful castles in Tuscany, has been abandoned since the eighteenth century, but from the top of the fortress you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire green plain of Tuscany.


Discover a new place: Suvereto Castle – Suvereto – Livorno

castelli-toscani-suveretoIn Val di Cornia, near the sea, stands the medieval village of Suvereto, once known for its cork plantations, by which it was surrounded.

The castle, abandoned until the 80s, is now within a flourished public park.

The oldest: Castelvecchio – Sala – Lucca

castelli-toscani-castelvecchioIn the town of Sala, an ancient Longobardo village, there is one of the oldest castles of Tuscany, Garfagnana: it’s the Sala Castle, also known as Castelvecchio. Today is a wedding location of excellence.


Art lovers: the Malaspina Castle – Massa – Massa Carrara

castelli-toscani-voliFrom the top of a rocky hill, the mighty Malaspina Castle overlooks the valley of the Frigido river. Its story led him to be both a luxurious mansion and a prison. Its walls  tell stories from the twelveth century to the Second World War. Today the Malaspina Castle, like other castles in Tuscany, is a open air museum.

Gastronomic journey: Brolio Castle – Brolio – Siena

At the center of the vineyards of the Chianti area, there is Castle of Brolio, that among the castles in Tuscany, is the first bastioned fortresses of all time. The baronial building has beautiful Italian gardens. The Ricasoli family organizes tours and tastings, also bookable online.