Ceramic bonbonnière made in Italy

Ceramic bonbonnière made in Italy

Ecological or valuable, useful or futile, elegant or fun, the wedding favor (bonbonnière) is the symbol of the wedding day spent together; it’s a gift to thank all the guests for their presence and their love. The origins of the word bonbonnière date back to the eighteenth century. From the french word bon bon and it was a small and precious container of sweets owned by nobility. In Italy, where the wedding traditions have ancient origins, they used to make wedding favor gift some centuries before; but it was widespread in the nineteenth century when, thanks to industrial production, bonbonnière became less expensive and accessible to everyone.

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Grazia Terranova

The choice of wedding favors is one of the key aspects in planning a wedding, it’s a memory to give to all your guests. What a better occasion to discover the beauty of bonbonnière made in Italy by Terry ceramiche. Whose ceramic art consists in hand build products, cooked and then painted. Grazia Terranova‘s been working on ceramic for almost 20 years. She is specialized in majolica, a kind of ceramic fired at a low temperature (940°). Hail from Sicily, region which has a very old ceramic tradition, Grazia lives in Gravina di Catania. Inspired by this beautiful land she works as ceramic artist. Starting from the study and the knowledge of the ceramic tradition in Sicily, she follow her own which is still evolving. Inevitable in her production line is the lava stone, easily found in Catania around Etna volcano. Element that is often proposed as a wedding favor to those who want to make their wedding unique.


Grazia makes work on demand, and she’s willing to design with you the wedding favor for your special day. The talent and the passion for the art of ceramics has led Grazia to open a cultural association, engaged in diffusion of handicraft. She organized as well, ceramic courses for hobbyist and tourist on vacation.



Bonbonnière made in Italy by Terry Ceramic are the perfect gift to express love, affection and gratitude. Grazia Terranova offer a various panorama to choose from. Classic bonbonnière if you prefer the elegance or colored bonbonnière if you prefer originality. Because wedding should be the mirror of your souls, your tastes and your ideas. The form captures beauty with bonbonnière made in Italy by Terry Ceramiche. Far from frivolous and unnecessary stuff, wedding favors are small object with symbolic value to remember. But it is also a faithful expression of the evolution of costume, society and art.