La Cervara abbey : wonderful wedding in Liguria

La Cervara abbey : wonderful wedding in Liguria

Among culture, nature and art for a fabulous wedding in Portofino gulf

La Cervara abbey was built in 1361when the first stone of the fascinating monastery dedicated to San Girolamo was put on the ground. La Cervara abbey, facing the sea from a high peak, among holm oaks, Aleppo’s pines and tree ashes, is almost completely hidden from the street, as it is protected by the rich mediterranean vegetation. Tle Cervara abbey is characterized by an undergrowth, by a sunny zone rich in flowers and corbezzoli, and by the typical terraces of the Liguria landscape. Here your wedding in Liguria will certainly be unforgettable.


The Cervara abbey: Liguria wedding

The Cervara abbey is a unique location and your wedding there an unforgettable event. The romantic frame of the surroundings and of the gardens and the terraces facing the sea are the principal motivation for the lovers to choose this place for their wedding day. Furthermore, the history of the building as a benedictine abbey is visible in the church and in the rinascimental cloister that is able to give the enchanting and a little mysterious past feeling.


The Cervara abbey: unforgettable wedding

Relax, exclusivity, privacy; at the Cervara abbey guests can enjoy every single moment and every corner of this extraordinary location in total relax. The wedding organizer is helped by the complete service available in the abbey, from banqueting to flower adobes, from table and rooms decoration to music and photographs. All the possible attention for the most important moment of your life.



The Cervara abbey: fabulous wedding.

The Cervara abbey organization for your wedding can use every place of the abbey, from the closter to the garden, always looking to the sea, a romantic horizon among the peaks facing the sea and the silver olive trees hills. Your guests can sleep in one of the eight suites, and this will give them a sense of privilege and exclusivity stronger than the event itself. Every room is unique, and faces or the sea or the historic garden. Your wedding in Liguria will stay in your and your guest’s heart all life long.