Chic Weddings: Trend Scouters & Soul Seekers

Chic Weddings: Trend Scouters & Soul Seekers

Interviewing Clara Boatto, Chic Weddings in Italy

Trend Scouters & Soul Seekers
This is the motto of Chic Weddings, an event production agency which has been designing and creating beautiful weddings in Italy for more than ten years.
Venice, Florence, Rome, Lake Como, Umbria, Puglia, Amalfi … these are just few of the wedding destinations which witnessed the amazing talent of Clara and Eva, art directors and founders of Chic Weddings in Italy. Both born in Italy, now they live in London and Amsterdam. However, the love for their homeland is not lost, seeing that they keep coming back to Italy to bring to life unique and creative weddings, with strong personality and define characterization.

Chic weddings in Italy decoration

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As Clara told us, their adventure started back when “wedding destination was still an unknown concept in Italy, and many facilities used to be very skeptical about our ideas and inspirations.”

Today, after more than 300 events organized all around Italy, Chic Weddings can be considered a pioneer in the Italian wedding tourism, thanks to its ability to recognize the huge potential of this particular niche in the business world right from the start, one in which Italy is today “one of the most desired wedding destination by couples from all around the world.”

So who better than Clara Boatto, with her immense talent and long experience, is able to uncover the secrets behind the consecration of Italy as ultimate land of love.
“Italy is so loved because it’s alive. We’re very passionate people, and every corner of Italy has a story to tell.”

Chic weddings in Italy mis en place

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Love, passion, culture, history: a nation in love with love, full of breathtaking landscapes and with a very romantic soul. The premises to become the “queen of weddings” are all there, but as Clara points out, problems are just right around the corner.

“Italy is so beautiful that sometimes it doesn’t even try to improve. Constant modernization, understanding of what the competition has to offer and the will to always aiming higher are the keys to its growth.”

Your wedding by Chic Weddings in Italy: an inner journey to find yourself

“Radical chic meeting gypsy, art décor with a contemporary touch, bucolic charm combined with Mediterranean sensuality, extravagant decadence flirting with Italian glam”

This is the spirit of every wedding by Chic Weddings in Italy, a mix of styles and different hues of colors in which every couple can find the best wedding inspirations. A chic event with an eclectic soul, just like Clara and Eva, the two minds behind it all.

The final result?

The possibility to enjoy a list of “sartorial” custom-made services, capable of fulfilling every need, and able to give you the guarantee to live a once in a lifetime experience. After all, the secret is in the attention given to every detail “which represents today’s luxury.”

chic weddings in italy decorations

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“We are different. You either hate us or love us.”

Bold and meaningful words the ones by Clara and Eva, but very representative of their  work.

“ What is important to us is to remain true to ourselves, without loosing the purity of our ideas in a growing and highly competitive business. We are not a commercial brand. We can’t please everybody. We’re the perfect match to anyone who is willing to dare a little.”

If daring means achieving the international fame and reputation of Chic Weddings, then maybe we found the secret ingredient to a perfect wedding.

The services they offer promise an all inclusive wedding experience, the result of many months of brainstorming and sharing ideas with the lucky wedding couple. From venue scouting to event design, from catering to entertainment plants: “our aim is to fully understand who we’re working for and to create a personal connection with them, one of serenity and trust.”

But creating a wedding means not only planning and taking care of the logistic, not only organizing a party or a reception; it is the moment to celebrate a love story, and is this last aspect that Clara and Eva made the prime focus of their work.

chic wedding in italy table

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“ Getting married is first of all exchangin a vow. Planning it becomes an inner journey of liberation from prejudices, of winning your fears, it becomes the perfect opportunity to sort out any old rift with your loved ones. It becomes a journey to find yourself, to understand what you truly love.”

 Isn’t this what we really need from someone who wants to help us through the amazing experience that is to marry the love of our life?

Someone who will free us from the burden of the preparations, who carry inside that sparkle of creativity which will make every moment memorable, someone who share our vision and is able to make it come true, but above all, someone who will go beyond the surface, right to the real core of the wedding, which is nothing more that telling everyone the most intimate decision of our lives: to give our heart away and to receive back a new one.

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