Christmas at the AbanoRitz: magical moments to share with the family

Christmas at the AbanoRitz: magical moments to share with the family

The first snow flakes are settling on the impeccable garden of the AbanoRitz. I watch it while I am relaxing in this hot whirlpool. I look at the plenty of small flakes that are dancing in the air, as delicate as the thousands of bubbles that are caressing my back. It’s almost Christmas and finally my family and I managed to dedicate some time for us. Absorbed in my thoughts I enjoy the early morning silence. I close my eyes and entrust my body to the thermal waters jets while I think back to those perfect days spent with my partner right here, at the AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel.

AbanoRitz AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness

Soul care and “ego- therapy” at the AbanoRitz

It was just over a month before Christmas and Lorenzo and I needed to relax. Too busy with our commitments, sometimes we get lost. So we wished to think only of ourselves for a couple of days, away from everyday stress. We were looking for a place that would offer us some unique couple experiences, to make us rediscover our complicity and affinity.

Lorenzo proposed the AbanoRitz as the perfect place for a bit of couple therapy. I didn’t know this corner of paradise on the Euganean Hills but, after our short stay, it became a regular destination. We spent only two days there, but it was the most pleasant and regenerating time I could have ever wished.

AbanoRitz AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness

The emotion of customised wellness

I remember very well the amazement I felt when I arrived. The attention for every detail and the hospitality of the staff made us feel immediately at home. We were accompanied in the Design Suite that Lorenzo had reserved for us. A total white room with a romantic round bed welcomed us. Bright, comfortable and very big: I immediately explored every corner of it, from the soft sofa in the living area to the large terrace. The view from up there was breathtaking; in front of me, only the green Euganean Hills.

We immediately took the SPA Kit and went down to the AbanoRitz wellness area. The therapies’ offer was wide. We started with an oriental treatment: a Thai massage with the Thai masseuse Chauny, lulled by a relaxing background music and amused by the scents of essential oils. The following day, I chose a Tibetan sound massage, where I managed to sink into inner peace and reach the pinnacle of well-being. Lorenzo instead, opted for a total body De-stressed massage, to discharge any residual stress from both his body and his mind.

AbanoRitz AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness

A magical Christmas at the AbanoRitz with the whole family

At the end of our brief but intense escape, I decided that I should not only repeat, but also share this precious experience. So, I proposed Lorenzo to spend the Christmas holidays with all our family right here, at the AbanoRitz.

I open my eyes and see my son swimming towards me, followed by Lorenzo and my mother. The pool starts to get crowded. It’s Christmas Eve morning and spending it here with my whole family is a dream. I smile at them and I think they are really my greatest gift. Sharing with them the magic of Christmas in this unique place is a wish that comes true.

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