The Cinque Terre, the colors of love

The Cinque Terre, the colors of love

There is a stretch of the Ligurian coast where the hill is covered by terracing of olive groves, the edgy rock gentle kisses the sea and the houses reflect the colors of the rainbow.

cinque terreIt is the Cinque Terre, a multicolor spot enclosed between the blue of the sea and the green of the hills: in flashes, like grass tufts between the cracks of the sidewalks, the rock creeps among the most hidden recesses, one moment recklessly reaching out to the boats far away, the other shyly folding back on itself.

costiera ligureAnd just like that, between the sequence of creeks, bays and hidden beaches, five small fishing villages write the history of a part of Liguria, a history of pastel sunsets and reflections on the water, of narrow streets between the stones and of houses in an everlasting balance on the steep hillsides.

Monterosso, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola are since 1997 a UNESCO precious gem, an example of natural beauty and landscape suggestion all made in Italy, cradled by the Ligurian coast.

Between a row of olive groves and one of vineyards, the dense terracing marks horizontally the slopes, strips of land outlined by stone walls stacked one after another, an infinite sequence that turns the Riviera in a large green chessboard, in which man controls nature without ever becoming its true master.

No wonder, therefore, if the Cinque Terre are presented as the perfect destination for a romantic couple’s weekend, for a fairy-tale wedding or a very special honeymoon.

santuari liguriaShrines and churches of majestic architecture, walks through the narrow streets overlooking the sea, lonely beaches hidden among the rocks, culinary delights of traditional flavor and boat trips through the crystal clear sea; Cinque Terre will satisfy your every need, a land with a sweet and deeply romantic soul, as one of its most famous pedestrian routes clearly proves, the “Via dell’Amore” (The Path of Love), a walk trough the very heart of Liguria.