Thanks to that conference at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski…

Thanks to that conference at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski…

I open up my eyes and my dream disappears because a sunbeam comes straight to my eyes: so annoying. The young tourist in front of me must have moved the curtain aside, therefore I straighten up on the seat and look out of the window.
I change my mind about the girl sitting there: perhaps she isn’t wrong, because the view is amazing. We are speeding over the Venice lagoon: clear sky, low tide, and some fishers messing about their nets.

I give the girl a glance while she’s focused on the scenery: she’s grabbing her leather backpack and holds a camera in her hands, a cheerful melody comes from her headphones. Her face reminds me of my dream… blurred images appear in my mind, but they dissolve immediately. Uh, what a pity to forget dreams.

«Next stop: Venezia Santa Lucia. Final destination of this journey.»


Arriving at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice

I get to the island of San Clemente by boat: behind me the skyline of Venice, in front of me the San Clemente Palace Kempinski. I get off and stretch my legs, after that, I fill the lungs with this lively breeze. My phone rings.

The voice of my boss comes out screaming: «You are late. The conference starts in 5 minutes!», and he hangs up. The man at the reception takes my luggage first, and then shows me the shortest way to reach the San Polo conference hall.

I stop a few meters from the entrance and breath deeply. Before entering the meeting room, I straighten my tie-pin, button up the jacket and take my briefcase. My boss walks towards me, beneath the anxiety he seems relieved to see I made it. We sit in the front row.
While I’m sitting there, I realize in my head keeps echoing the cheerful tune of the girl on the train.


When destiny knocks…

I yawn distractedly and give a glance around: because of being in a hurry, I didn’t notice the elegance and refinement of this room. I peep at the people surrounding me and suddenly sit up with a jerk: there’s the girl of the train, indeed! Crouched on the other side of the window, she is trying to take a picture of the park of the island. I look carefully at her now: she has long mahogany-colored hair, the skin is like porcelain and her expression is deep. She’s so gorgeous.

After a little while, the speakers announce a break and the girl slips away, so I immediately leave the conference room.
«Miss!» my voice echoes in the corridor. She stops without turning around, nevertheless I approach her: «Miss, I noticed that you were trying to take a picture of the ancient trees…»

«I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to …» she turns around. She’s blushing now.
«No, I haven’t expressed myself properly. We’re having a break, so I guess you can take better pictures now. Come, I’ll show the way.»
She smiles and nods. I can’t help smiling back like an idiot.


Thanks to that conference at the San Clemente…

She’s looking for the right angle before shooting, while her song goes on playing in my head. The girl makes me feel weird, tough good. I don’t understand what I’m feeling. I approach her again: «Anyway, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Gerald.»

«I’m Katharina. I bet you come from Saxony.»
Suddenly, she seems to have lost all her shyness, and this time, I’m the one who blushes. She guessed my origins.
«Like you, I suppose» I reply, for her accent betrays her origins too.
We both laugh because her laugh is contagious. We begin talking like old friends as if we weren’t in the middle of a business conference. Sort of alchemy is growing between us.

The break ends and the conference starts again, but I don’t enter the hall.
«You are going back in, aren’t you?» She pokes me.
«You are going to have lunch with me, aren’t you? Restaurant La Dolce opens in fifteen minutes!»

I’m about to spend one of the most beautiful days of my life, even if my boss’s complaints are giving me a headache, but this is way worth it. There are some trains you just can’t miss, especially if you’ve just met the girl of your dreams.


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I am a linguist and I love phonology, travels and food. My greatest passion is writing. I love the feeling that I have when finding myself in front of a blank sheet: it is the same feeling of waiting to take a plane or a train to start a journey. Excitement, curiosity and the desire to free my mind and my heart to new horizons. Writing is like traveling: leaving towards unexplored limits and unknown destinations and always returning different from the beginning.