Wedding tourism and local protagonists.

The idea came about in 2012 in response to an ever-growing trend: LOVE ME IN ITALY is the first series of regional guides dedicated to romantic and wedding tourism in Italy. Love me in Italy is today a brand of national appeal, thanks to the experience gained by working in close contact with wedding planners and the various locations in each region. In both the printed and ebook versions of our guides, you’ll discover a variety of ideas and touches to live romance in Italy: Top locations, Villas and Castles, characteristic villages, traditional cuisine with the “Lover’s cooking” menu, creative ideas and local handicrafts… All contributing to make Italy the number one Love Destination! Lunargento, the Venetian publishing house and communications agency, tells you day by day of a rewarding and quality experience, for tourism which is not “hit and run” but is based on awareness and stimulates emotion. Love, the first reason for travel.