Coronavirus and canceled weddings: how can we help?

Coronavirus and canceled weddings: how can we help?

These days, Italy is on the front line to contrast Coronavirus. The national sense of unity and collaboration is very strong, and the Government took the necessary measures to fight it. All the country is supporting the scientific community, protecting the citizens with proper safety measures. All the events that provide for aggregations, weddings included, are postponed to focus on the health and the safety of people, and they will be celebrated later, when the danger will be gone, as soon as possible. The general director of WHO told that “The Italian government has adopted extraordinary measures to contain COVID19 & reduce its social & economic impact.” and he thanks the whole country, and the WHO is showing its solidariety.

Meanwhile, if you’re among the couples who had to delete their special day, you could use this moment to change some details, so when the day will finally come, your event will be even more luxurious and perfect than before, and it will be worth the waiting.

We don’t want to focus on the legal aspects, that can be easily solved by someone competent, but our intentions are to contribute spreading knowledge and all the energies and helping hands we can with our means.

How to help

But what can we do to give our contribute in this emergency situation? There are a lot of donation channels, so i’ts possible to donate some euros to help the hospitals or financing the research to finally find a cure. The first to call out for attentions have been the most famous couple of influencers in our country: Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, who, thanks to their visibility, collected donations for more than 2 millions euros in only half a day.

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The contribute from the VIPs

There are also stylists that are showing interest for this cause, like Giorgio Armani with its generous donation for the hospitals in Milano, and Dolce and Gabbana with their collaboration with the hospital San Raffaele and Humanitas University.

This is the moment to be responsible, contributing as we can to protect not only ourselves but also the people around us, so we all can go back to our lives as soon as possible, in health and safety.