Couple sports in Valnerina – Umbria

Couple sports in Valnerina – Umbria

Lovely scenery, unspoiled nature, village of historical interest and tradition, couple sports, alla this you can find in Valnerina, a green valley named like the river that runs through it: Nera river.

trekking in Valnerina

the hilly territory of Valnerina makes trekking the perfect coupe activities for everyone, from people who love relaxing walks to experience hikers

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Included in this wonderful environment we can meet many villages characterized by artistic and cultural beauty.

Peculiarity of Valnerina is its deep spirituality connect to places as San Benedetto, Santa Rita and the old franiscan monasteries.

Activities in Valnerina

For a perfect romantic weekend, many are the couple activities you an practive and choose in Valnerina; loop trails are perfect to ride a horse ot cycling, where you’ll be fascinated by oaks, beeches, meadows and old villages surrounding

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Due to narrow gorges and river valleys Valnerina is the perfect place also for quite canoeing as well as more adrenaline experience of canyoing and rafting.

The main natural attraction is the majestic waterfall Cascata delle Marmore, a spectacular 165 meters water jump, fundamental step for tourists willing to spend a romantic weekend in this beautiful land.

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In addition to the possibility offered by this beautiful scenery, Valnerina is well-known for truffle hunting, a real hidden treasure of Umbria.

the most precious truffle is the black truffle of Norcia, it’s an unquestioned main ingredient of many international recipes. It’s also mentioned in the famous Umberto Eco book “The name of the Rose”.

The typical food and wine products of the area, besides the already mentioned truffle, are Norcia ham, salami, cheese, spelled, lentils from Castelluccio and saffron of Cascia. And then the crayfish, trout, game, honey, mushrooms, asparagus and soft fruits. Without forgetting the fine wines DOC and IGT!

thanks to the combination of art, spirituality and traditions rooted in a harmonious natural landscape, Valnerina lends itself as an ideal destination for a romantic weekend.