Cycle tourism for partners: Venetian islands

Cycle tourism for partners: Venetian islands

Cycle tourism: Venetian islands

Slow tourism, cycling: Venetian islands

It’s an example of slow tourismCycle tourism is already widespread in the countries of northern Europe, in Italy much less. Today we suggest a bike trip between the Venetian islands. It is the E5 cycle route, 40 km there and back, which leads from Venice to Chioggia, in Veneto.

Departing from Venice the first stop is the Lido, reachable by ferry boat. Once there, along the way you can do both scenic and cultural tours. Worth a visit the church of St. Nicholas and the old Jewish Cemetery. Continue along the coast until you reach the center and the famous waterfront Marconi, where you can admire the most prestigious buildings such as the Grand Hotel des Bains, the Casino, the palace of the Film Festival and the Grand Hotel Excelsior, soaking up the chic atmosphere of this island.

You can cycle along the cycle-pedestrian street of Murazzi, boulders placed to defend Lido against sea storms. In the most crowded days it is safest to cycle along the internal path that leads to Malamocco, with its picturesque squares. Continue along the shore until you reach the naturalistic oasis of Alberoni, where you have to catch the ferry boat to the island of Pellestrina. For art lovers we recommend a stop to the eighteenth century church surrounded by little fishermen’s houses and gardens. Cycling towards the south we will find the village of Portosecco and then the center of Pellestrina with its sixteenth and seventeenth centuries colorful houses . The more experienced cyclists can reach the oasis Lipu nature of Ca ‘Roman.

Finally, it’s possible to continue the excursion on the island of Chioggia, just a few kilometers away, taking the ferry boat.

Our journey ends, but still an oddity: cycling is a type of slow tourism, eco-friendly, close to nature, outside of the most crowded and popular tourism destinations. Forget the stress and rampant consumerism to live deeply unique emotions to remember!

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