Perfect… bride! Your body matters too

Perfect… bride! Your body matters too

Interviewing Daniela di Cugno, health and wellness coach

daniela di cugno It’s universally known that planning a wedding is a very hard challenge. While consuming time, energies and thoughts, the wedding day watches from  far away the future brides till the day it decides to suddlendly reach them. Between decorations, mood board, mise en place and wedding projects, for the bride it’s almost too easy to loose focus on what really matters: feeling as special as never before.   

And if  loving your new life partner it’s definitely the most important thing, the path towards your inner beauty is only one: feeling beautiful even on the outside.

Feeling good, feeling sexy, feeling wanted, feeling loved, feeling comfortable in your own skin, knowing that you took care of your body and feeling proud of it: this is what feeling beautiful means like.   


A lifestyle which Daniela di Cugno dediced to make her own, but mostly to turn it into the motto of her wellness and health campaign.

” I’m a coach, one who teaches to to find your well-being, to take care of your own body and to eat healthy, without being forced to give up the tasteful italian cooking!”

An amazing experience that Daniela started with the aim to “find a way to love my body once again” but it quickly become a wide network of raccomandations and suggestions to share with her comunity online and on social media.

“Anyone can achieve her/his best physical and mental state, all is needed is strong willpower to begin and strong perseverance to arrive at the end!”   

Bride special

daniela di cugno bride

Many are the brides who contacted Daniela, looking for suggestions, healthy recipes and fitness programs to arrive on their wedding day in perfect shape.  

” My advice? Don’t start too late. Feeling beautiful on your wedding day is just too important: you have to prepare early, starting with a good nutrition and working out plan.” 

So no room for strained and rushed diets or exaggerated last minute gym sessions: so enjoy some pasta and that piece of chocolate to take the edge off during the wedding preparations!

Self-control, willpower and a relaxing run under the trees: these are the things you need to achieve the perfect inner and outer shape.

“Our body needs an healthy nutrition which always guarantees the ingredients it needs. Carbs are not your enemy! Yes to unrefined  products, like pink salt and spices to season food, and wholemeal, full of fibres.”

The perfect menu for the perfect bride:

” Start every meal with a great salad. For lunch some pasta (yes, pasta!) with vegatables, for dinner steak and vegetables as sidedish.”    

daniela di cugno fooddaniela di cugno food

Such healthy and almost perfect lifestyle will give you good results not only in regard of your weight: keeping your body hydrated gives brightness and brillance to the skin, which will become tonic, well-shaped and always fresh.

daniela di cugno skin

” All you need is lot of water, fruits and vegetables. A little secret? Green Thè has so many good proprieties that not only our skin, but your hair and nails will thank you too.”