Fairy-tale brides

Fairy-tale brides

Disney wedding dresses…too good to be true!

They filled the dreams of our childhood and they still do, even now.
They got us all emotional and influenced our love life with high expectations.
We’re talking about Disney princesses…

Identifying yourself with one of them is almost inevitable: every princess seems to have something that reassembles our own identity.

What about you? Which princess do you see reflected in the mirror (not an enchanted one, unfortunately); Cinderella the romantic or Mulan the fearless?

To every princess her fairy-tale wedding.
Are you ready to choose your Disney wedding dresses?


SNOW WHITE  (1937)

disney wedding dresses disney wedding dresses
Atelier Emé – modello Keira

Curious and adevnturous as Snowwhite? This wedding dress by Emè fashion Atelier has a shiny shed of pink with reddish floral applications.

Just a quick tip: don’t go near any red apple before the wedding ceremony.


disney wedding dresses
Blumarine Sposa

The ultimate romanticism: Blumarine design chooses a delicate wedding dress for its Cinderella alike bride. The white shade is bright and stunning as a fairy-tale.

AURORA (1959)

disney wedding dresses  disney wedding dresses
Atelier Emé – modello Violante

Pretty and definitely a dreamer (maybe it is why she doesn’t stay awake too long) the “Sleeping Beauty” bride wears an Atelier Emé dress with a satin belt, whose extremities are embroidered with sweet, pink flowers.

ARIEL (1989)

disney wedding dresses
Oscar de la Renta Bridal

  A clamshell neckline (no surprise here) and a double layers gown for this beautiful fashion masterpiece by Oscar de la Renta, perfect for a “cosmopolitan” mermaid.

BELLE (1991)

disney wedding dresses
Elisabetta Polignano – modello Emma

If the groom capture the guests’  attention with his “beasty” elegance, the bride needs to step up her game.
This wedding dress by Elisabetta Polignano, a dreamy yellowish pastel shade and volants, will do the trick.

JASMIN (1992)

disney wedding dresses
Nicole Spose

Exotic and sensual, never predictable, just like Aladin’s lover on his flying mat; Nicole Spose’s idea is an interesting combo of crochet, body fitting dress pants and a flowing silk blouse, perfect for a modern Jasmin.

MULAN (1998)

disney wedding dresses
Ashi Studio

 Vain but never too austere, the corset and dress pants outfit by Ashi Studio is the perfect “armour” for
the warrior bride, unconventional and brave.

A journey through different fairy-tale Disney wedding dresses, which have  come a long way since the first Disney princess in 1937. From Snow White till modern days, the dreams of love of yesterday children, but the bride of today, are still the same.

disney wedding dresses