Educational Tour, Terni of Romance: Daily Journal

Educational Tour, Terni of Romance: Daily Journal

Educational Tour, Terni of Romance: Day 1

Emotional, adventurous, and unique: our Educational Tour of the romantic city of Terni has begun!

The first step for our ambassadors was to meet Anna in Terni. And is there a better way to have a meeting than to have it over lunch? Villa Centurini hosted our cheerful company, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for Love Me in Italy.

educational tour terni romantica

But there was no time to lose; waiting a few kilometers from Terni was a muse of poet and painter, the Marmore Falls.

It was a very full day, and in spite of the emotion of all the participants during the visit to the waterfall, a third stop awaited the ambassadors of the Educational Tour.

In the city of Ferentillo, in a quiet and tranquil valley, the Abbey of Saint Peter in Valle welcomed us within its walls. The splendid little church and atmosphere of another epoch fascinated everyone!

Continuing our exploration of the romantic locations of Terni, the team of ambassadors arrived next at Villa de Santis, a hotel in which it is possible to spend your days in absolute calm.

To conclude the first day, nothing remained but a gala dinner… served in the beautiful Castello di Casigliano, an ideal location for a fairytale wedding!

Educational Tour: Day 2

The region of Umbria is a land full of hospitality, warm welcome and authenticity. These are what we notice the most during the Educational Tour’s daily discovery of natural beauty, towns, and people.

After the fantastic gala dinner last night at Castello di Casigliano, our ambassadors enjoyed a well-earned rest, some at Villa De Santis, some at La Loggia sul Nera. La Loggia sul Nera is a beautiful structure in the medievale village of Arrone, used as a vacation home for exploring the Terni province.

A quick breakfast started our very intense day!

We began by heading to a favorite destination of couples everywhere: the Basilica of Saint Valentine. Preserved in this religious monument are the remains of the patron saint of lovers. The atmosphere inside the basilica is magical, even sacred.

It is here that we celebrate the Feast of the Promise, during which thousands of couples exchange their wedding vows every year.

The Basilica is secure in the hearts of all the participants, but, unfortunately, there was no time to appreciate every detail as other destinations awaited for our party.

We traveled one hundred kilometers from the Basilica to have lunch at the Castle of Parrano. The typical Umbrian meal, expertly prepared by Bon Ton Catering, delighted the palates of team. The location left them speechless; the castle is sensational, enormous and exactly as it was, once upon a time. Soon it will be ready to host the most special weddings.

Of course, one of the required stops of the Educational Tour had to be next: Orvieto, and it’s incredible Cathedral. There are not enough words to describe this gothic structure. A must visit (with or without your partner!)

While we were in Orvieto, the company admired the Mancinelli Theater. The neoclassical theater is in the exact center of the town and offers guided tours to those who want to understand its history and design.

If you are wondering, “How can I complete the day with style and dinner?”

The answer: be cared for by the team at Lincei Catering in the city of Aquasparta. The professionalism, the elegance, and the quality of this agency are together an element that would many any banquet unique. Just to give you an idea of their originality, tonight we were served cocoa tagliatelle with a wild boar sauce.

Educational Tour, Terni of Romance: Day 3

The last day in our discovery of Umbrian romance.
We began at Tenuta del Gallo, a refined and charming lodge, with its pool and restaurant immersed in the green Umbrian hills.
We were awed by its magnificence and splendor. In the summer it must be even more spectacular!
The city of Narni is a real find: the bell tower and its small stone balcony, the lodge, fortress and ancient buildings…
But the most stunning and evocative was Narni Underground: Roberto, our tour guide, made it beautiful and engaging and kept us excited.
Our last stop was the Mill of Eroli, a charming place, surrounded by unspoiled nature, which, from April to September, is filled with flowers. Here, the Marchesi of Eroli welcomed our group for lunch.
After three days in the romantic region of Umria, the ambassadors of Love Me in Italy return home.
Umbria welcomed them, conveying the true warmth of their hospitality and the beauty of people and places, and the flavors of its earth.
Umbria is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful: The charm of villages perched on hilltops, the fascination of castles and historic estates, the wholesomeness of its cuisine, and it’s nature, devastating.
For lovers, yes, but not only for them.