EmotionTTL: the wedding experience

EmotionTTL: the wedding experience

«We believe in spontaneous photography, genuine smiles and loving gazes.

wedding experiencewedding experience





Ilaria and Andrea

Of all the love stories, each is unique in its own way.

The Wedding Experience

The story of Ilaria and Andrea is among them, only one of many. To join us, a passion that has its roots on the feeling that, in short, will guide you to the altar. Who more than they can find out what you feel in those moments?

With the commitment to take pictures as if every shot was the last, but with the enthusiasm taking new thousand others, EmotionTTL accompanies the most beautiful day the bride and groom around the world for many years. As if by chance, as if it were the natural flow of their deepest passions, as if they were marriages to choose them…so that Ilaria and Andrea have made the wedding experience their daily bread.

wedding experience


The couple photographing couples

While Andrea was always attracted to the world of photography, Ilaria was passionate about this art in such a way subtle and gradual; together in life, they are inseparable even in work.

«Many people tell us that we should split up, especially when we have more weddings on the same day, but rather than do that we renounce some performance. Our affinity binds us well beyond the life of the couple. Our feeling brings out the best in us working together»

The technical skills of him and the attention to detail of her, dressed with much love and a huge passion for this work, they have created a winning team.wedding experience

The wedding experience, the engagement, the renewal of the votes … every moment of great emotions is ready to become a shot highly romantic, behind the cameras of Ilaria and Andrea. They define themselves as creative photojournalists, surpassing the generic term ‘reportage’, as their work goes beyond this idea: their mantra is to follow the flow of events without intervening in any way, but merely to portray the highlights of the day … and not. Yes, that’s right: the secret of  most successful photos is knowing how to seize the moment, the detail, the nuances, much more than the moments of great celebration.

Working as a wedding photographer is a job to be loved; you have to be always ready with a suitcase. The ph.-couple moves to Italy (and not only) to follow lovers around the world. The tendency of Italian couples who move abroad is to live their wedding experience in the beautiful country, their homeland … and how he’s wrong?

«MARRIAGES … Laughter, tears, smiles and palpitations … how many emotions that day, emotions that blend perfectly with each other, it overwhelm us with all their might and who will live forever.»

wedding experience