Interviewing Simona Chiavaccini, Italian Wedding & Events Planner

Interviewing Simona Chiavaccini, Italian Wedding & Events Planner

Simona Chiavaccini, Event Planner in Italy

Today we introduce you to Simona Chiavaccini, an Italian Wedding & Events Planner. More than fifteen years of on-the-job experience in the wedding field had made her an excellent professional, with a working career full of victories and achieved goals.

We asked her what are the secrets of her success:

“Being a Wedding and Events planner is to understand the dreams and desires of the couples who chose you. It means having balance and lots of love to give to this job, and always a smile on your face … even when it rains!”    

Words of a woman deeply  in love with her job, which reflect the intimate soul of this unique business: sweet romanticism and strong organizational capacity.

Event Planner Italy Chiavaccini poster Besides, planning a wedding is a great responsibility. It’s a day of overwhelming joy, of almost sacred happiness, it’s unforgettable: it’s a day of love.

And Simona Chiavaccini knows it well.

To our question about the reasons behind her choice to become a Wedding Planner, she said so:

“I have always loved to make dreams come true.”


Event Planner Italy - mise en placeAnd all of her fairy-tale weddings became a reality indeed. Her high-class ceremonies have been the witnesses to some of the most beautiful love stories of Liguria, a mix of talent, skills and knowledge, without neglecting the most precious element of all: love and enthusiasm for everything you’re doing.

An exclusive Wedding

Relaying on Simona Chiavaccini means having the certainty to live your big day as you have always dreamt it, and above all.. without worries!

As Simona explains, the main thing in the planning of a Wedding Project is

“To deeply understand the spouses and their expectations … anything else will come along!”

Event Planner Italy mise en place 2The Wedding Planner will be at your side from the start, strong landmark in the sea of the nuptial arrangements. From the wedding announcements to the selection of the location, from the reception to the wedding cake, from the music to the wedding photoshooting, all the way to the honeymoon: everything will be handled with attention and care, in order to plan a one of a kind, exclusive wedding, a custom-made day just for you.

Simona herself recalls those occasions in which fulfilling her clients’ desirers was a real adventure. If today a wedding on the beach is the most requested one, some reception weren’t so easily made:

“One time I arranged a wedding reception on a hill, that was reachable only by foot.. in the end we were all together on a quad bike in the middle of September!”

Breathtaking locations

Furthermore, Liguria’s selection of wedding venues is so wide that every request can be easily fulfilled.

Event Planner Italy outside weddingSimona Chiavaccini gives you a wide range of beautiful wedding locations, which she decorates with taste and elegance, enhancing the natural charm of the land. From villas to sophisticated residences by the beach, from museums to historical palace and old castles, the romantic Liguria will offer you all of its beauty and charm.

Because, as Simona points out, “the real problem is that some parts of Liguria are mistaken abroad as belonging to Puglia or to the Amalfitana Coast: Liguria hasn’t be fully discovered yet!”

Let yourself be led to the discovery of this beautiful land, make it the perfect landscape of your wedding day: you won’t be disappointed.


Our last question for Simona could not have been anything else than the most personal one. The one which reveals the woman behind the professional, but that, at the same time, makes her the great professional she is today: how do you feel knowing that your work led to other people’s happiness?

“When you are a Wedding Planner, you can’t be emotional. But I am, all the time, because after the wedding I read the messages full of compliments and deep gratitude sent by the spouses, and I burst with happiness.”

Giving happiness and receiving it back as reward for your efforts: we wonder if perhaps being a Wedding Planner is the most beautiful job of all.


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